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Meeko 23-003-C

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Meeko is a curious little guy who loves to explore. He is eager to check out new spaces and doesn't hesitate to step out of his comfort zone. He could spend most of his day in the window sill watching the world and dreaming of adventures. While his head is ready to roam, his heart belongs with his people. Meeko craves attention and wants to be close to his humans. He could spend hours curled up next to you, but would be content to just be close to you. 

Meeko enjoys the company of our other foster cat, Felix, and would be lucky to find a home interested in adopting them both. He can be a bit of a dominant kitty, but would likely do well with other cats given a proper introduction. He gets along well with mellow dogs and kids and would prefer a home where he can be the one to initiate affection. It can be a bit overwhelming when others are too excited to see him! 

Meeko was found as a stray so not much is known about his past, but he has excellent house manners and is such a sweetheart.  

Apply to meet him and his brother Felix! apply to bring them home 

Age : 2 years old
Breed : DLH male black

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Goose 22-015-C

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Meet Goose 

He is a very sweet well behaved boy. He uses his scratching post regularly and not the furniture! He is very faithfully using his box.  Has never scratched or bitten. He is friendly and hangs around his people but is not cuddly.  Likes to come for a nice firm pet or to be brushed.

He is calm and quiet – not very playful.  Really likes catnip and will wrestle a stuffed toy with catnip.   Also likes to chase a wand for short periods.  

Hes a little on the plump side – loves his kibble and it doesn’t seem to matter what kind.  Not a fan of canned food.  Very good drinker for a cat – appreciates fresh water on a daily basis.

We think he would do well with respectful friends either cat or dog. He is an independent kitty so would do well alone in a home too

Apply to meet him today!  

Age : DOB sept 2021
Breed : domestic medium hair
Weight : 15 pounds

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Annabel 21-022-C

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Meow, meow, meow, meow. That's what you'll hear in the car ride home after adopting me! But when we get home, I'll be the quietest little love bug you'll ever meet.


Oh, by the way, my name is Annabel! I guess I should have started with that. I'm a super sweet girl and I just love attention and being pet and brushed. At nighttime, my favourite thing is to curl up with my foster mom and snuggle all night with her. I am a super love bug for sure! I can be a little bit rambunctious sometimes but that's because I'm still very young and basically a kitten! Right now, I'm living alone and I love it that way. I've met a few other animals during my time in care and I've decided that I enjoy being the only star of the show. I would do best as an only cat in my forever home!

I'm so so so easygoing and all I want now is a place to call my forever. However she can be overwhelmed and shy at first. She needs a patient and sweet home - Is this you??

Will you be my forever? Apply to adopt me today!

Age : DOB DEC 2020
Breed : DLH Black Turkish Mix

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Hasco 23-001-C

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Hasco (the little rascal)

Hasco is a little tabby (tortoise shell) kitty whom has been in NASAP foster care since January 31st, 2023. He was in the Leduc animal shelter since November 2022. He has been neutered and had his immunizations. He is about 7 pounds of rascally fun. 

Within a couple of days of being in our home he was taught manners about not getting up on tables or counters.  Hasco learned quickly, with a squirt of water if discouragement was needed, follows his humans around, comes when he is called & doesn’t seem to mind the newspaper pellet/litter mix. He was doing some harness training at Pookey’s pet store adoption day. The curious chap handled it like a champ. He didn’t mind other cats, dogs or new people. If you get him when he’s snoozing, he’ll purr the whole time you trim his nails.

Hasco will be a wonderful little companion but may yet be too rough for little kids. Make sure they don’t play with him with their hands as he may clamp down with five pointy ends… He loves anything on a stick and stringy— any toy really. He may even be trained to fetch as he carries toys around in his mouth and may take YOU for a walk.

Hasco’s loud purr and scratchy little occasional meows will warm their way into your heart as he head butts you and curls upon your lap for a snuggle. Watch out opening doors as your little buddy is patiently waiting for you on the other side ;)


Apply to meet Hasco and bring him home today! 

Age : DOB August 2022 6 mo
Breed : DSH male

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Robin 22-018-C

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Inquire about adopting me

Meet Robin,

My foster mom says I am the rolliest, polliest, softest little kitten she has ever met!  I am super friendly and will snuggle with you when I am not busy exploring.  Batgirl is my buddy, I also really like the other cats in my foster home and the dogs are okay too. I would love to find a home with Batgirl; did you see how cute we are together!? 

I am neutered, fully vaccinated with both boosters and rabies, snap tested and ready to be adopted! 

Robin and Batgirl adoption fee is $300 for the pair 

Age : DOB Oct 2022
Breed : tabby orange and white male

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