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Hello this is Miss Gremlin,  she's a sweetheart :)


She has lots of energy and needs an active family. Because of her energy level she needs a home with NO CHILDREN.  She has very high anxiety around small children and her reactivity and dominance make her unpredictable at times. She needs a family capable of redirecting and continuing her training. She is very smart and eager to please. 

She is very treat motivated however she has a very sensitive stomach and significant food allergies. She requires a hypoallergenic diet and probiotics daily which work very well! She takes stilbesterol twice a week to prevent urinary leakage due to low estorgen levels and has had no further issues. She had a full consultation and work up with an internalist and everything was found to be normal and healthy!

Since coming to NASAP in February 2015 she has developed beautifully. She has become calmer, more trusting and a great listener. These characterists will happen in her new home, however they take time to build and develop. She has recieved puppy training and many hours of individual training. She continually works on her training. She knows her basic commands and walks well on the leash. She is constantly working on her socialization skills with other dogs and still requires more time to work on this skill. For this we recommend no other dogs in the home. She gets along very well with her 'sister' Willow the resident foster home dog which took time and patience. And with time and redirection she has made a few friends. On walks she is intermittently dog and kid reactive and requires redirection. 

She is great with the resident cat - respectful while still being curious. 


She loves car rides, playing in the pool, long walks and running as fast as she can. She loves squeaky toys and tug of war is her favourite game. 

She is house trained, microchipped, vaccinated and spayed. She comes with her own crate that she uses as her cave and the door is never closed. 

Shes very excited to meet you! 

Age : 5 years old
Breed : rottie x
Weight : approx 60 lbs

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Ariel 17-008-D

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Ariel is a very sweet border collie cross who just turned 5 months old in April. Ariel is still learning that the world isn't a scary place, so she can be a little timid when meeting new people or going new places, however, she warms up really quickly once she realizes she is safe and people are nice! Ariel is a playful and high energy pup who will make someone an excellent jogging partner one day - once she has mastered the whole "walking on a leash" thing. She is extremely smart and catches on very fast to what is being asked of her, so we expect big things of this little girl. 

Border collies are a working breed known for their intelligence, speed, and high energy levels - definitely not couch potatoes! Ariel will need a very active home that has the ability to teach her all kinds of new tricks (maybe even agility?), expend her border collie energy, and continue to show her just how awesome life can be! 

Ariel is good in the car, house trained, and is sleeping through the night in her crate without issue. She loves to play tug o' war, and listens really well. She can be a little bit nervous when first meeting other dogs, but warms up quickly and enjoys their company. She is reportedly good with cats and children of all ages as well. 

Ariel is a loving, smart, goofy girl looking for furever home, and she will be available for adoption after May 5, once she has been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

Age : 5 months
Breed : boarder collie X
Weight : 30 lbs

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