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Brody 15-038-C

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Brody came to NASAP from our partner pound. It is hard to believe this lovely little guy was out in the world all on his own. He was very snuggly, sweet, and loved to be right with you. We noticed immediately that he showed minor problems with his balance. He was initially diagnosed with a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia, a stable condition that can result from viral infection or trauma in utero or at birth. However, over the next few weeks, it became clear that something more serious and degenerative was going on with him. His neurological problems worsened and his mobility continued to decline. On October 10, 2015 his health deteriorated very rapidly and the difficult decision was made to end his suffering and let him cross the rainbow bridge. NASAP sincerely thanks his foster mom Vicki and the caring staff at Calgary Trail Pet Hospital for providing Brody with all the love and affection possible during his short life with us.

Age : 3 months
Breed : DSH black/brown smoke

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Sweet Pea (Sissy) 12-003-O

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In 2012, four baby bunnies were surrendered to NASAP by a caring individual who humanely trapped them on her property outside of Calgary. These bunnies were born to a rabbit who was once someone's pet and was, along with other rabbits, carelessly dumped in the country a few years ago. Luckily this momma rabbit chose the right patch of land to have her babies, and they were placed safely in the care of NASAP in hopes of finding them all forever homes. 

Sweet Pea (also known as Sissy to her foster family) had a distinguishing beauty mark (round black spot) on her nose. She was adventurous, curious and got along well with the resident cat (often they could be found getting into trouble together!). Sweet Pea was independent and energetic. She was fostered with her brother (Scout) and they were extremely bonded. One didn’t go anywhere without the other. Scout really looked up to Sweet Pea and relied on her for confidence and security. We were hoping that these two bunnies would be adopted as a pair.

On April 24, 2015, Sissy suddenly became very ill. She was rushed to the emergency vet clinic (Guardian). Unfortunately Sissy passed away while at the clinic - it is thought she might have had cancer. She was surrounded by her NASAP friends including her foster mom Jane and NASAP's small animal foster home coordinator Delaine. We sincerely thank these two wonderful ladies for giving Sissy a loving home and taking such good care of her during her time with NASAP.


Age : 3 years

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Ernie 07-054-C

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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ernie (#07-054-C) on February 10, 2015. Ernie will be deeply missed by his adopted parents, Ken and Carol, and his friends, Burt (bird), Spaz (cat), Vista and Echo (dogs). 

Ernie did not have a happy start in life, but with the love of his adopted mother he began to blossom. He stopped hiding when people came to visit and soon was insistent that everyone enjoy his affections. He was the king of the castle and any place he decided to take a nap was his domain, even the master bed. He loved teasing the bird, Burt, and once actually had him in his mouth. He was always getting into trouble with his buddy, Spaz, the neighbor cat and once he and Spaz climbed a tree (if you saw Ernie's size this was not an easy feat). Thankfully Spaz hung around and Ernie was found although it took 3 people to get him down. Ernie especially loved sunning on the deck and let it be well known that dogs were not invited. Ernie was a special companion to Carol and was always at her side when he was needed and even when he wasn't. Even in his last hours, suffering from liver failure that may have been caused by cancer, he had the staff at the vet clinic wrapped around his little paws as they all came to talk and pet him.

Ernie went quickly with no pain with his loving adopted mother and friend Carol holding him.

Thank you for rescuing Ernie and for allowing him to come into our lives.

P.S. When foster parent Les Hicks first opened the door to that carrier 8 years ago and Ernie ran out and hid under the bed, we thought, what have we gotten ourselves into? But now, we wish we could be starting all over again.

Age : >10 years
Breed : DSH tuxedo

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Eddie (formerly Queenie) 03-285-D

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Hello NASAP,

It is with profound sadness that I inform you that Eddie (aka Queenie, ID#03-285-D), has passed on.  She died quietly at home on December 19th after many years of illness with degenerative arthritis, liver disease and cancer.  Despite her many health issues, Eddie was nick-named Happy Girl—she was the most stoic dog and had such a will to live that we couldn’t slow her down.  We were blessed to have had so many years with her.  Eddie was a fantastic alpha to our other dogs, incredibly smart and the best friend I could ever have asked for.  She was my shadow and the grief of her absence is only lessened when I think she is now in a better place free from the illnesses that caused her pain.  She was such an amazing dog I have a really hard time describing her in a way that would do her justice.  Our hearts are broken and we miss her terribly—she was loved by all who met her.

Thank you NASAP for having given me such a beautiful friend.

Best regards,


Breed : unknown

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Ravyn 09-089-DD

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It is with the greatest of sadness that we announce the passing of our permanent care foster girl Rayvn on Thursday September 25th. Rayvn was diagnosed with Cushings Disease after coming into care with us. With this information and her age being taken into consideration we decided she should stay in foster care with NASAP. Sadly on Wednesday September 24th Rayvn suffered irreparable stroke like symptoms and we had to let her go at about 13 years of age. Rayvn was well loved and cared for by her foster parents Marilyn and Howard who feel her loss deeply. We are so grateful and appreciative for their love and attention to her and are comforted to know that her last years were joyful ones. Rest In Peace pretty girl.

Age : 13 years
Breed : Standard Poodle

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