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Koji was a petite, tortoise-shell Persian kitty who we first fostered for NASAP back in 2004 before she was adopted. Due to unfortunate circumstances, after having her for 4 years, her adoptive family could not keep her any longer, and we adopted her from them in 2008. Koji was a very affectionate girl with people but got very stressed by other cats so she lived in our spare bedroom for most of the time she was with us. Sadly, she recently developed a cancerous tumour in her mouth that was inoperable and we had her humanely euthanized on April 21st. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Dr. Colleen Pratt and the other vets and staff at Calgary Trail Pet Hospital for their excellent, devoted care that they provided for Koji through the years while she was with us. Dr. Pratt and her staff have provided thorough, compassionate veterinary care for many of the NASAP cats and dogs that we have fostered through the years and they deserve a special mention for all of their hard work with rescue animals.

Les and Faye

Breed : Torti x Persian

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Masi 01-008-DB

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On April 01, 2008 I adopted Masi from NASAP. At the time of adoption, Masi was a 6 year old male Shih Tzu. Masi was the best dog I ever had and unfortunally he passed away on February 11, 2014 at 12 years of age.

Age : 12 Years
Breed : Shih Tzu

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Kiara 13-076-C

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Kiara was part of a litter of 4 that was rescued from outside by a kind gentleman. Her motto was play play play. She loved all toys especially her wand. She had lots of energy and would play with her siblings for hours. She loved getting brushed and picking on her brother Simba. She liked to sleep in her foster mom's bed and purr and purr when she would get rubbed. Unfortunately Kiara passed away for unknown and completely unpredicatable reasons during her routine spay. Our partner vets worked on her diligently to try to bring her back but she could not be revived. We are very sorry that we could not help Kiara find the forever home she deserved. We sincerely thank her foster mom (Rachael) for all the loving care she gave the entire litter while they have been with NASAP.

Age : 6 months
Breed : DMH brown tabby with white

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Bodie 00-099-D

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We are sad to report that we had to have our oldest dog Bodie euthanized last week due to kidney failure. Bodie was the first dog that we fostered for NASAP back in 2001 and we subsequently adopted him as a companion for our other dogs at the time, Hodgkins and Clancy. His age was estimated at 2 to 3 years old when he first came into NASAP's care, so he definitely lived a good, long life. We named him Bodie after James Herriot's last dog, a Cairn Terrier. Although our Bodie did have some Terrier in him, it was obvious that he was a genuine Heinz 57 mutt with a very mixed genealogy - he almost looked like two different dogs, depending on whether you were looking at his front end or back end. He was actually so odd looking that we often thought we should have named him Horton, after the Dr. Seuss character from 'Horton hears a Who'. Bodie had a unique personality and was a true ladies man - he adored his female companions through the years : Maggie, Penny, Bonnie, and Helen, and we would often joke about Bodie's harem. In 2009 he was diagnosed with Cushings Disease but due to great vet care and some homeopathic meds he did very well right up to the last couple of months. One side effect of the Cushings was a vast increase in the amount of urine produced, which resulted in him having to wear a male wrap for the last two years due to his inability to control his bladder. Because of this, he affectionately gained the moniker of 'Diaper Dog' after one of our friends bestowed that title on him. Although we will always miss him, we were relieved and grateful that we were able to give him a painless, peaceful end to a long, happy life.

Breed : Terrier x

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Bo 12-082-C

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In 2012, Bo was surrendered back to NASAP after 10 years in her adoptive home. This transition at such a late stage in her life was difficult for Bo, but once her teeth were looked after, she did very well in her permanent care foster home. Bo was a spunky, petite senior cat that liked to work out by jumping up on beds and flexing her muscles on her scratching post. She loved to have her head petted and was happy to lie next to her human in contented silence. If she wanted something she was not afraid to use her voice and sometimes she simply liked to chat.  She was always quiet, sweet, affectionate and gentle. Before Bo came back into NASAP's care, her kidney function was already in decline and the decision was made to keep her in permanent care with NASAP. She required medication and subcutaneous fluids to keep her good quality of life through 2013. Recently though, her health began to decline rapidly and the difficult decision was made to let her cross the rainbow bridge. Bo was humanely euthanized on December 13, 2013. She will be missed by her foster parents, Jenny and Craig and her kitty friends, Momo and Paddy. NASAP is pleased to have been able to help this lovely cat live out her golden years in peace and contentment.

Age : 16 years
Breed : DSH grey and white

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