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Maverick 02-999-D

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We were fortunate enough to adopt Mac (formerly Maverick) in April 2003. He was described by NASAP as wriggling with excitement, and that's exactly how he spent the next 9 1/2 years with us - wriggly, and excited.  He and his best friend, a pink nosed Lab cross called Kirin, filled our lives with mayhem, joy and adventures.  Mac loved people, especially children, and had boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Most of all, he loved to run, and he would outrun Kirin at her favourite game of ball, not to win the ball, but to make Kirin pay attention to him.  He enjoyed family holidays and travelled to the Yukon and BC, climbed mountains, swam in oceans and lakes, became adept at farm and city life, and kept us safe.  He lost his very stoic battle with cancer last week, and we all feel his loss deeply.  Thank you to NASAP for rescuing such an amazing and loyal friend, our lives were certainly enriched because of the joy and love he brought us.

Kevin, Stacy, Jakob Klaassen, and of course Kirin

Breed : Collie

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Dean 12-001-DA

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Hi Pat & Jenny,

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I write this email.  I'm so sorry to have to tell you that our little Dean passed away suddenly this week.  Please know that he died happy.  He had a fantastic summer.  He knew what it was to be loved.  He had a family that cared for him and I know he loved us all back – even the dog.  He found the best life and enjoyed being wild and free with a home to come back to.  He was never hungry and had a warm bed waiting for him every night.  He became a lap cat and learned how to play and purr.  In return he taught us so much.  He showed us how to notice the brief precious moments and celebrate them.  We learned patience we never knew we had the capacity for.  We learned to watch and watch and watch so he could teach us.  We were so happy to watch him grow and reach full his potential.  We adored our Deany cat.

Although the pain of losing him and especially this way is excruciating, we are focusing on how lucky Dean was and fortunate we were to have him as a member of our family.  We desperately hope the pain will fade away and we will joyously remember the past 3 years of good times and the quirks that made him who he was. 
Thank you again for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives. 

Jayne & Scott, the people
Frank, the cat
Windsor, the dog
P.S. We literally have hundreds of photos of him, but thought you might enjoy some glimpses into his life these past 3 years.

Breed : DSH

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Andy Panda 08-015-CA

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It is with a very heavy heart that I send you this email. My beloved Andy Panda made the decision that he was too tired to fight any longer and wanted to say goodbye.  My time with him was so short, only 3.5 years, but my memories will last a lifetime. The smiles and laughter with him were plenty. His talkative nature was such a joy to hear.  The way he would ask for his daily milk in a way that literally sounded like he was saying milk! His foster Mom was correct when she said it was like dinner and a song with him!! Little things like this will never be forgotten and forever warm my heart. 
Andy Panda
September 18, 2008 - May 18, 2012
Sleep peacefully now my little man...

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Boe 21-001-DA

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This is to let you know that Boe, who we adopted from NASAP in October 2003, passed away today.

Boe was a wonderful, loving dog and we will miss her more than I can say. We were her third home and her final home. She was a friend to our young dog, playing and running around the yard. They would play so hard, while we were at work, that I would come home to find the coffee table pushed up against the couch.

I took both dogs out walking in the park by Devon once. We let them off the leashes and they were very good until Boe heard people's voices up by the golf clubhouse. She went off happily to meet these people as she loved humans. Dogs were OK but people were her passion.

Even today, she was quite happy to meet the vet tech who came to collect her to put in her catheter. She wagged her tail as she was led off, to meet more people no doubt.

Thank you for all that you do for these animals. Without NASAP, who knows what would have happened to Boe  and I know my life would have been poorer without her in it.

Margaret & Ken

Breed : Collie x

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Cuddles (formerly Lutra) 00-129-D

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We have had the honor to have Cuddles aka Lutra as part of our family for just over 6 wonderful years. Anyone who has ever met Cuddles immediately fell in love with her. She was the most gentle, kind, patient and loving dog.  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer we made the difficult decision to have her euthanized.  She is deeply missed by her family and will never be forgotten.

Thank you to Nasap and Leanne (her wonderful foster mom) for bringing this amazing dog into our lives. She warmed our hearts and truly brought our family closer together.


Derek and Marianne

Breed : Lab Cross

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