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Boe 21-001-DA

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This is to let you know that Boe, who we adopted from NASAP in October 2003, passed away today.

Boe was a wonderful, loving dog and we will miss her more than I can say. We were her third home and her final home. She was a friend to our young dog, playing and running around the yard. They would play so hard, while we were at work, that I would come home to find the coffee table pushed up against the couch.

I took both dogs out walking in the park by Devon once. We let them off the leashes and they were very good until Boe heard people's voices up by the golf clubhouse. She went off happily to meet these people as she loved humans. Dogs were OK but people were her passion.

Even today, she was quite happy to meet the vet tech who came to collect her to put in her catheter. She wagged her tail as she was led off, to meet more people no doubt.

Thank you for all that you do for these animals. Without NASAP, who knows what would have happened to Boe  and I know my life would have been poorer without her in it.

Margaret & Ken

Breed : Collie x

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Cuddles (formerly Lutra) 00-129-D

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We have had the honor to have Cuddles aka Lutra as part of our family for just over 6 wonderful years. Anyone who has ever met Cuddles immediately fell in love with her. She was the most gentle, kind, patient and loving dog.  After being diagnosed with terminal cancer we made the difficult decision to have her euthanized.  She is deeply missed by her family and will never be forgotten.

Thank you to Nasap and Leanne (her wonderful foster mom) for bringing this amazing dog into our lives. She warmed our hearts and truly brought our family closer together.


Derek and Marianne

Breed : Lab Cross

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Lexi 11-006-O

11-006-O Image
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Lexi was a little female guinea pig that came into care with her friend Tabitha. She was black and white with dark eyes. Lexi was quite the character. She liked to hop around from time to time (“popcorning”) now and then (a sign of happiness).  The fur on her face is shorter than on the rest of her body, and reminded her foster mom of sweet little Flower the skunk, from the Bambi movie.  She wasn't too shy to take parsley from your hand and made cute little sounds when she’s excited for treats. Lexi passed away suddenly in her foster home on Feb 1, 2012 while waiting for her forever home. We sincerely thank Chantelle, Rhonda Lee and Karen who all fostered Lexi at various times during her time with NASAP. 

Age : 2 years old (adult)
Breed : Guinea Pig

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Toby 12-000-DA

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Hello my friend, It is with great sadness that we announce our precious dog, and best friend, Toby passed away late in the year. This loss has left such a void in our hearts, and our life.  Toby was 10 ½ years of age and we were blessed to have him in our family since he was 5 years old. Toby brought us a lot of joy, a lot of learning, and some wonderful experiences and moments to treasure. We still shake our head at some of the antics he got up to. Leaving pawprints on hearts everywhere, he was a good friend to everyone he met, and had the opportunity to help others through his volunteer work at the hospital and at the schools and events that he visited. These were his passions and Toby got so much joy from these experiences. Toby's legacy will live on through his books, the movie, and the presentations we do for schools, and through the kindness mission he started.  As with everything in Toby’s life… he left us peacefully,  on his terms.  Thank you for your support and friendship to Toby. Life is precious- please take a moment to show and tell those you love just how much you love them. 
Thank you so much for your friendship.
love Charmaine & Chris
Wishing you a great 2012

Age : 10.5 years
Breed : Chesapeake Bay Retriever

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Louie (formerly Leonard) 11-087-CD

11-087-CD Image
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I'm very sorry to have to give you the sad news that we had to have Louie (formerly Leonard) humanely euthanized this morning. It was very sudden and very devastating. He had seemed the picture of vet, Dr. Burgess, had looked him over shortly after we got him (mostly to check how the sutures in his mouth were doing) and all seemed fine. This morning my son found him in the family room, dragging himself around, unable to walk at all on his back legs. We rushed him to the vet, and Dr. Burgess found his back legs were cold with no sign of a pulse in them. She said that likely it was a blood clot; and that she was 99% sure that the cause was some form of heart disease. She had seen this before and the outcome was always grim. No matter the cause, he was suffering and there was no cure once the paralysis happened. In the end, the best option was to have him put to sleep.
We had all loved Louie...he was a cuddle bug who loved any warm lap he could find. He snuggled under the covers with my daughter every night. In fact, he was with her this morning, seemingly fine, until just an hour before my son found him. Louie loved playing with the laser pointer and especially the feather wand. He even got our old cat running around the house playing their version of tag. My husband and I were just commenting on how well Louie was fitting into our family, and how glad we were to have adopted him. I was hoping to send you a "Happy Tail", but it was not meant to be. The vet assures me that this outcome was likely inevitable, even if we had known about his heart condition in advance. I like to think he at least had a loving family to spend his last several weeks of life with.
Kathy and Bill

Breed : DSH x Siamese

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