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Pearl 08-139-C

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Pearl was a beautiful and stunning white female cat. She and Wilbur were buddies. They had one thing in common; they both had feline leukemia. Wilbur passed away over a year ago and Pearl was lonely, but she got more affectionate with me, started to sleep with me and trust me more. I'm sad to say that on October 19, 2011 Pearl passed away due to her feline leukemia. She was fostered by myself and sometimes by Les. I loved Pearl very much and Les and I will miss her. Thank you.

Chris Leclair    


NASAP sincerely thanks Chris Leclair and Les Hicks for all the loving care they gave Pearl while she was in permanent care. Their ongoing generosity and hard work with some of our most challenging and heartbreaking cases is very much appreciated.

Age : 3 years
Breed : DSH White

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Sweet Pea (formerly Sweetie) 10-005-C

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It is with sadness I write that my beloved little Sweet Pea passed away a few days ago. Although her health had been deteriorating, I believe she passed away peacefully from old age. When I adopted her a year and a half ago, she immediately melted my heart. She definitely was a sweetheart. She will be remembered always and greatly missed.

Breed : DSH Dilute torbie

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Jack 94-011-D

94-011-D Image
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In loving Memory of dear Jack, David's loyal companion.    Born May 1994.    Died 5 September 2011.   Adopted by David in 1999.    

Age : 17 years
Breed : Springer Spaniel

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Saskia 99-011-D

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In loving memory of dear Saskia, loyal and loving companion to David and Lena.    Born 12 February 1999.   Died 16 June 2011.

Age : 12 years
Breed : German Shepherd

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Lizzie 00-007-D

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It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of Lizzie, a beautiful black lab who was rescued in 2001 with five other Labrador Retrievers from a breeding and showing kennel.  The owner had sadly passed away and the dogs had been abandoned to their fate.  Lizzie had to be carried out of the compound as she was a very frightened young dog.  She knew well how to interact with other dogs but was totally unsocialised with people.  Lizzie went to live with Colleen and over the years through Colleen’s love and patience had gradually become less wary of new situations and less suspicious of strangers.      Lizzie could not have asked for a more loving and caring home than that which she found with Colleen who is devastated by her sudden and tragic death, as are we all.  Many tears have been shed at NASAP since she passed away.  Lizzie died under anaesthetic during a routine procedure – completely unexpected and unbelievably sad.  Lizzie was the most gentle, wonderful dog you could ever hope to meet and she will be deeply missed by all her friends at Nasap.  Nasap extends our most heartfelt sympathy to Colleen at this sad time.

Photo credit: Danette Lukawesky-Huisman and Colleen Steenson.

Breed : Black Lab

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