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Socks (was Bronx) 05-0100-D

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Very sad day today.


We finally had to say goodbye to  Socks, our beautiful border collie. I found Socks (then about five years old) ten years ago on NASAP’s rescue website. James, my then oldest border,  was sixteen and the calm in my storm of younger border collies. Socks was described as a mellow gentleman. I twisted my husband’s arm by telling him that Socks would be a perfect “replacement” if anything were to happen to James.


He never was a replacement. He was adored by everyone. Gentle, loving and loved.


He was diagnosed with Cushing’s at the beginning of the summer. Treatment was going to be hard on him and with no guarantees. He was in no pain so we decided to let him enjoy the summer. The last few weeks have been a real struggle for him. I couldn’t bear for him to have to battle through the winter.


We’ll miss him so much.


Can’t thank NASAP enough for the years we shared with Socks.


Karen, David, Anna and Laura.

Jay, Squire and Buzz (also border collie rescues).

Breed : Border Collie

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Prissy 09-900-C

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In loving memory of our sweet cat, Prissy, who passed away on June 20, 2009. She will be missed greatly.

Wendy Buhrs

Breed : DMH Black

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Hooch (formerly Aragorn) 00-000-AA

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In May of 2003 we adopted at Rottweiler named Aragorn at the NASAP Pet Adoption Day at PetSmart.  Hooch was aptly renamed Hooch after the movie Turner and Hooch.  When we brought Hooch home he ran into the house like he had always lived there.  We lost Hooch on Monday June 1, 2009 to Liver Disease and possible Tumors.  He was a constant joy to have in our home, a best friend, a good companion and so much more.  He is gone but never forgotten.

Breed : Rottweilor

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The Colonel 01-231-C

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The Colonel was a Permanent Care NASAP cat that was found as a stray in 2001. He had badly frostbitten ears when he came into care which is why his ears looked so small and wrinkled up. The Colonel was a very sweet natured boy and has been described most recently as a "creampuff". He got along with the cat-friendly dogs and cat-friendly cats that shared his permanent care home. He was used to being an outdoor/indoor cat and loved to spend a bit of supervised time in the backyard during the spring/summer months. The Colonel was diabetic for the last several years of his life and required two insulin injections a day.  He was at least 12 years old when he had to be humanely euthanized due to complications related to his diabetes. We are extremely grateful to Ann Powell for caring for The Colonel for most of his life and to Les Hicks for looking after him these last few weeks. 

Age : >12 years
Breed : DSH red tabby

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Muffin (was Alice) 00-734-P

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 NASAP called her Alice.. it just didn’t suit the little girl. Muffin was found by the Leduc Pound in 1999. I took her immediately. Eyes out, broken face and barely alive. Four months of round the clock care and this little bundle of spunk appeared with a don’t you dare put tweezers near my face ever again !!  After 9 years, cancer, colitis, metal infection…. And finally cancer… Her life, “Pink” rhinestone collars, pink blankets, Camping in her yellow tent, with air mattress, walking in her stroller, beds everywhere and so many friends. Muffin couldn’t fight this last battle and her pain was killing me. Her best friends were a 100 lb lab she visited, Meba her new housemate & Trinity, her kitten. She will be cremated with her pink blanket and put into a pink urn. Just Muffy would want to be surrounded in pink fuzzy. Lorelei Storm 
In loving Memory of Muffin 22:03     17 March, 2009

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