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Cleo 15-110-D

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I had to have Cleo put down today, a very difficult day. I adopted Cleo in 2000. She was a bit of a handful for her first years but was a wonderful alive creature who demanded her due from life. She was loved and brought much laughter and joy into this world. She was the most loving attentive creature and never believed that she wasn't the equal of anything or anyone. Cleo lived with three cats, one from NASAP, Yakko renamed Simba. He is doing well, a big gentle cat. Cleo and Simba were good friends. They played a lot and wrestled. Cleo was also the official washer of cat ears - they all loved it! Lil Waters

Breed : Border Collie cross

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Duncan 09-030-C

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Duncan was a beautiful Himalayan cat with personality plus.  He was quite young when he came to NASAP  but it was discovered at his health exam that he had a bad heart and juvenile cataracts in both eyes which left him with very limited sight.  The vet told us that he wouldn't live to be an old cat because of his heart.  Neither the heart or vision problems slowed him down though and he ran around his permanent care foster home on the gallop most of the time.  Duncan, to put it kindly, was a few cookies short of a dozen, which made him all the more adorable, and he always behaved more like a kitten than an adult cat.  He had some very endearing habits, such as pulling at your leg to get your attention, and he was very affectionate with people and his fellow cat residents.  He did, however, have a bit of a split personality which showed itself whenever he was at the vet clinic.  Possibly because of his blindness, he did not like being held tightly or restrained, and he would quickly change from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde as soon as anyone tried to examine him or worse, shave matts off of him.  However, he would just as quickly return to his usual sweet self as soon as he realized they were finished with him.  Sadly, his heart finally did give out on him yesterday and we found him lying peacefully on his side in his room that he shared with his buddies, Claude and Gus.  Duncan was another one of those special cats, a real character, as Jenny put it, who we were grateful to have known and shared our lives with.  He will be missed.
Les & Faye


Age : 2-3 years
Breed : Himalayan cross

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Yogi (Kash) 11-999-D

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Our family has adopted Kash 7 years ago from NASAP and renamed him Yogi.

He was a perfect dog.

Never sick, loved children, protected the house and chased neighbour’s cat

Yogi was a head turner because of his size (180lbs) and good looks.

Last week he went to bark in heaven after being diagnosed with advanced cancer.

Arek Kozikowski

Breed : unknown

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Eddie 11-999-C

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Eddie came to us as a young stray way back in 1995. Although we took this cat off the street, it was hard to take the street out of this cat and consequently he decided to remain an indoor/outdoor cat for most of his life. He had some very close calls over the years, and he undoubtedly used up many of his 9 lives. Luckily in his later years when his hearing and eyesight started to deteriorate, he wisely decided that it might be a better idea to stick closer to home! Eddie received excellent health and dental care at Henderson Animal Hospital throughout his entire life. The inevitable health problems that developed in his senior years (kidney disease and hyperthyroidism) were managed well for many, many years and he enjoyed a fantastic quality of life almost right up until the end on Jan 19, 2011. We are extremely grateful to have enjoyed so many great years with our Eddie.

Jenny, Heather, Betty Ann and Richard Graydon

Age : >16 years
Breed : DSH Tuxedo

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Phoebe 07-070-CA

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I am sad to say that Phoebe is no longer with us. Her age was wearing on her and she was not able to keep weight on or water/food in her anymore regardless of what we did. She was slowly shrinking and suffering, and her last few months were miserable for her. We decided to give her the best gift we could give her and have her humanely euthanized January 4, 2011. I was there to hold her paw and we will miss her dearly! We were very happy to be her forever home even though we only got to have her for a few short years. Thank you Nasap, for allowing us to bring this furry sweetheart in to our lives!
Jani Painter

Breed : DSH torti with white

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