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Archie 20-020-C

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Hey I’m Archie, I first came to NASAP in the early summer of 2020. Before that, I was on the streets with a few close cat friends. I was cared for by a nice lady who fed me and let me in to rest from time to time. Once the lady realized I was friendly and needed medical care, I came into NASAP. I had a bad bite on my tail with an abscess. I was on my own for a long time. Sadly, when I got here, I tested positive for Feline Leukaemia (FeLv)… My life expectancy was estimated to be about a year or less.

Surprisingly, by Summer of 2021, I was still here! Because of this, my foster home brought me in for some blood work, and the test results were weird. According to the test results, I was FeLv negative!! After more thorough testing, we found out that I was in a regressive stage of FeLv. That means my immune system has cleared the virus and I’m now considered to have a LOW RISK of spreading the virus. In the future, if my immune system is suppressed, I could become FeLv positive again. But for now, I am great and can theoretically life a full and complete life in the right home! According to my doctor, it is even possible for me to be around other cats as long as they are vaccinated against FeLv every year! FeLv only affects cats so all other animals would be safe. Living with other cats would be my would be my dream! I love humans so very very much, but I long for a furry friend.

This is where you all come in! I am now officially adoptable to the right home!!!!!!! I’m so excited!

A little bit about me, I’m two years old and both a kitten at heart and a grumpy old man. I am a long haired boy who loves being brushed and groomed. I am a handsome Prince and I love being taken care of. My favourite wet food is Whiskas Pate and anything else pales in comparison. I love to be around my humans but I’m also a very independent kitty. I spend most of my days napping outside on my foster families balcony or laying in my favourite spot on the couch. I am such an easy going cat that whenever my foster family picks me up and lays me on their lap, I’ll just purr and be happy to receive attention from them. I have a cute “chirp” meow and I am always content to follow my humans around and chat with them! My first foster home was really kind and sweet to me but I found their big dogs and little kids a bit scary. So I mostly hid while I was there.

My ideal home would have 1 or 2 other cats that can be annually vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia, a home that is low stress, and with humans who are experienced with caring for cats. Particularly, medical case kitties such as myself! I shouldn’t need any more special attention than any other kitties, but it’s important that my forever home can recognize signs of FeLv so that I’m forever well cared for and I don’t get anyone else sick. Could you be the amazing family i’m looking to fine?

Inquire today so I can share my itty bitty kitty heart with you!

Age : 2.5 Year Old
Breed : DLH Grey Male

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Teddy 15-049-C

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We first met Teddy in 2015 at Black Gold pound. He was very thin, his teeth were in rough shape, and he was suffering from a skin condition over most of his body that had caused irritation, scabbing and hair loss. We figured he was about ten years old and immediately took him into NASAP's care. Teddy recovered his health in foster care and was adopted out quickly but due to no fault of his own, he returned to NASAP in 2017. Because he was showing early signs of renal and dental disease, the decision was made to keep him in permanent care with NASAP. Many wonderful and caring foster homes looked after Teddy during his time with NASAP and we thank each and every one of them for opening their homes and hearts to this truly special cat. Teddy had the best personality and Jenny always felt he was the nicest cat that crossed her path in over a decade volunteering with NASAP cat intake. Teddy loved love and he always wanted to be near people. He wanted to sleep on his own dedicated pillow right beside your head or under the covers, snuggled up against your body with his head rested on your shoulder. He was always crawling into warm caves that he fashioned out of blankets and he never missed an opportunity to play with string toys or ask for cat treats. Teddy had the most luxurious long, orange/cream tabby coat and the amazing staff at Catty Canines donated a bath and grooming every six weeks for him. Thank you so much to Chelsea for providing this incredibly important service to Teddy and so many other NASAP foster cats. Teddy also received excellent care from Dr. Fredlund, Dr. Ho and all the staff at Brintnell Veterinary Hospital. For the past several years he has required medications and subcutaneous fluids every couple of days and he always accepted everything like a true gentleman. He made it so easy to care for him. When his health finally took a turn for the worse that could not be managed, the decision was made to let him cross the rainbow bridge. He was humanely euthanized at Guardian Vet on November 20, 2021 while we held him in our arms and told him that we loved him.

Age : 17 years
Breed : DMH cream/orange tabby

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Beatrice 21-024-C

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On November 20, 2021, Beatrice crossed the rainbow bridge to join her brother, Noodle, and her sister, Maisie 🌈🌉
Beatrice was one of Penellaphe's four babies, born in early June of 2021. Beatrice was, like her siblings, born with a low birth weight and was likely premature. She turned out to be the strongest of the bunch, growing steadily and becoming a confident and competitive feeder. As she grew, she quickly became head of the house and was the "problem child" in all the best ways.
Beatrice lived with her mom Penellaphe, sister Gemini, and foster dad for a long time before she and Penellaphe moved in with a new foster family last month to be adopted as a bonded pair. Soon after moving, Bea's new foster family noticed a drastic change in her behaviour. Our once active and spunky Beatrice became uncharacteristically sleepy and wasn't enjoying her food as much. Beatrice was taken to the vet, where we found out that she was very unwell.
Beatrice contracted a common feline-only coronavirus (not related to the covid pandemic) known as Feline Enteric Coronavirus (FeCV). Usually, cats get over this virus with no significant long-standing issues. Unfortunately, Beatrice's condition turned into a fatal mutation called Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP for short. FIP is very rare in the cat community but extremely deadly. Because FIP is always fatal, Bea's 2 sets of foster parents and the NASAP team made the heartbreaking and compassionate decision to have her euthanized before it got any worse, as FIP tends to progress quickly. Because of this decision and the early diagnosis of FIP, Beatrice's life was happy and void of suffering 💕
One of Bea's favourite games was called "in and out." In this game, her foster dad would open any door and Beatrice would go in, and then would be asked to "get out." She loved to go inside closets, but liked going inside the refrigerator the most. She also loved to climb, chase, and snuggle. Beatrice also really enjoyed playing with the children she got to hang out with. From birth to death, Beatrice was a joy to be around. We are so fortunate that we got to know her.
Thank you, baby Bea, for everything you brought to our lives. You will be dearly missed by everybody in your NASAP family ❤️💛💙🐱

Age : 5 Months
Breed : DSH Grey Tabby

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Taz 21-008-C

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We would like to take some time today to acknowledge the passing of one of NASAP’s finest. 

Taz was a Manx/Bengal mix that came into NASAP's care earlier this year. Taz was an extremely affectionate cat who had the funniest meow. At meal times, he could be heard making noises that almost sounded like "yum yum yum yum". He was a super quirky kitty and loved car rides and sitting on shoulders. 

Unfortunately Taz came to NASAP with a condition called spinal cord dysgenesis (not uncommon for Manx cats) which affected his nerves at the lower end of his spinal cord which transmit messages to the pelvic organs and hind legs. For a short time, prescription medication was able to help Taz. Unfortunately, his condition only continued to worsen and the medications were no longer working. After several late nights at animal urgent care and many veterinarian visits, NASAP's only option was to euthanize Taz. It was not a decision that was taken lightly and was based on recommendations of the multiple veterinarians that saw Taz and for Taz's quality of life. We fought tooth and nail for this little guy - doing everything we could for him. NASAP spent many of its resources (both time and money) to help Taz but unfortunately his condition was too severe. We were heartbroken, but ultimately made the choice that was best for him.

On August 11, Taz passed peacefully surrounded by the people in our organization that cared for him. While his time with us was cut much too short, Taz impacted the lives of everyone he met. Taz will never be forgotten by NASAP and touched the hearts of his foster homes and NASAP's cat intake coordinator. He will forever be missed and remembered. 

Rest In Peace buddy 🐾❤️‍🩹

Age : 4 year old male
Breed : DSH Manx cross

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Honey 20-0006-AA

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We are very heartbroken to post that Honey passed away on Wednesday March 17, 2021 💔
After a few days of weakness and attempting to manage her pain, she decided it was her time to leave. She was held by her loving foster mom for her last moments and we are so grateful to Brintnell Veterinary Hospital for all of there amazing and compassionate care for Honey since September 2020. 

Honey you will forward leave paw prints on our hearts and you will never be forgotten. Rest easy and we are thankful you are at peace and able to run free again🌈 

#inlovingmemory #soloved #neverforgotten#nasapdog #nasaprescue

Breed : Shepard cross

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