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Muffin (was Alice) 00-734-P

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 NASAP called her Alice.. it just didn’t suit the little girl. Muffin was found by the Leduc Pound in 1999. I took her immediately. Eyes out, broken face and barely alive. Four months of round the clock care and this little bundle of spunk appeared with a don’t you dare put tweezers near my face ever again !!  After 9 years, cancer, colitis, metal infection…. And finally cancer… Her life, “Pink” rhinestone collars, pink blankets, Camping in her yellow tent, with air mattress, walking in her stroller, beds everywhere and so many friends. Muffin couldn’t fight this last battle and her pain was killing me. Her best friends were a 100 lb lab she visited, Meba her new housemate & Trinity, her kitten. She will be cremated with her pink blanket and put into a pink urn. Just Muffy would want to be surrounded in pink fuzzy. Lorelei Storm 
In loving Memory of Muffin 22:03     17 March, 2009

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Malcolm 08-106-CA

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Hi Ashley,

I just wanted to let you know that Malcolm passed away last night. He was doing well until about a week ago when he started vomiting and had diarrhea. He lost a lot of weight very quickly. I took him to Dr. Neufeld last night and held him as he got sleepy from the sedative. He purred and purred. He sounds like a little engine. Although he was only with us for a few months, we loved him so much and he was part of our family. When I got home last night, the dogs knew something was wrong and whined and paced for hours. Taffy, our female lab, took Malcolm’s bed from the couch and slept with it on the floor all night. My sons are devastated and we spent the evening crying and telling funny stories about Malcolm. I’ve got pictures for you and I’ll send them next week.

Thanks for all your support. Malcolm was very special.


Breed : DSH tuxedo

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Sultan 09-901-C

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I adopted Sultan just a little under three years ago from NASAP. At first I agreed to foster him mostly due to his medical condition with renal problems. I had never had to deal with an animal that had special needs before and I wanted to make sure that I was completely able to give him the care and attention he needed. It didnt take long for him to warm his way into my heart and we became quite attached. He loved to be outside with me while I worked in my garden. He would never stray unless I wasnt around and so I made sure that he was on a harness and a long leash just to keep him safe in a very busy parking lot. He quite often would lay in the shade on a hot summer day along side the brick pathway by the garden and sleep for well over two hours. The way he lived each day, you would never know he was dealing with an illness. Unfortunatley last weekend I lost Sultan to his battle to renal failure. He was such a trooper thru it all. The countless days of IV fluids and medications and the feeding thru tubes just became too much at the end and I had to make the painful decision to let him take his walk across the rainbow bridge. I will never forget this little black cat with such a strength. He made my life full everyday.
 "He has become a much better cat than I have a person. With his gentle urgings, he made me realize that life doesn't end just because one has a few obstacles to overcome." - Mary F. Graf

Breed : DSH

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Makenzie 08-000-DX

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"We adopted our Makenzie, 14 years ago with you guys! He passed away at the end of May 2022, from a stroke. We loved him very much! We wanted to thank you so much for 14 years we had with him. He wasn't weaned as his mother passed away shortly after I believe. I remember he was on the front of your magazine"

Thank you for giving him an amazing life! This is why we rescue ❣🌈

#nasapcat #nasaprescue #fosteringsaveslives

Breed : unknown

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Cubby 10-077-C

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Cubby is a DMH all white spayed female kitten with a long beautiful, soft coat that feels like angora. Cubby was rescued with her siblings Anne, Parcheesi and Angus. She enjoys playing and snuggling with the other kittens. She loves attention and, like all of her siblings, has a very loud motor boat purr when she is being cuddled! Her foster dad can't believe that she is the last kitten from the litter that is still available for adoption. She is by far the sweetest of them all!

Age : 8 months
Breed : DMH white

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