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Autumn 08-134-C

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One fall day, two of NASAP's volunteers decided to go and check out the new Beaumont pound. They had heard that there was a kitty there in very rough shape. When they arrived, they met Autumn, a kitty that had been trapped near Beaumont approximately two weeks earlier. She was quite a sight indeed. Her long black fur had been so matted that it had to be shaved from her back. She also had an old wound on her side that was healing. Her ears were misshapen and hard from chronic infections. Plus her ears were full of mites which made her very itchy and uncomfortable. Worst of all, Autumn was horribly emaciated. It was unbelievable to the volunteers that she was still alive at only 2.3 kg. Upon getting approval to bring her into care, Autumn was moved to foster care. At her first vet visit and it was determined that Autumn was a very elderly cat. She received revolution to treat her ear mites and blood was taken to figure out whether her terrible state was due to starvation alone or also due to underlying medical conditions due to her age. She was suffering from hyperthyroidism, anemia and kidney disease. Autumn became permanent care and spent a happy and peaceful 4 months in her foster home. She was humanely euthanized on 29 December 2008. Thanks very much to NASAP from her foster parents for taking Autumn into care. She was a wonderful and sweet old girl.

Age : >10 years
Breed : DMH black and white

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