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Taz 21-008-C

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We would like to take some time today to acknowledge the passing of one of NASAP’s finest. 

Taz was a Manx/Bengal mix that came into NASAP's care earlier this year. Taz was an extremely affectionate cat who had the funniest meow. At meal times, he could be heard making noises that almost sounded like "yum yum yum yum". He was a super quirky kitty and loved car rides and sitting on shoulders. 

Unfortunately Taz came to NASAP with a condition called spinal cord dysgenesis (not uncommon for Manx cats) which affected his nerves at the lower end of his spinal cord which transmit messages to the pelvic organs and hind legs. For a short time, prescription medication was able to help Taz. Unfortunately, his condition only continued to worsen and the medications were no longer working. After several late nights at animal urgent care and many veterinarian visits, NASAP's only option was to euthanize Taz. It was not a decision that was taken lightly and was based on recommendations of the multiple veterinarians that saw Taz and for Taz's quality of life. We fought tooth and nail for this little guy - doing everything we could for him. NASAP spent many of its resources (both time and money) to help Taz but unfortunately his condition was too severe. We were heartbroken, but ultimately made the choice that was best for him.

On August 11, Taz passed peacefully surrounded by the people in our organization that cared for him. While his time with us was cut much too short, Taz impacted the lives of everyone he met. Taz will never be forgotten by NASAP and touched the hearts of his foster homes and NASAP's cat intake coordinator. He will forever be missed and remembered. 

Rest In Peace buddy 🐾❤️‍🩹

Age : 4 year old male
Breed : DSH Manx cross

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Honey 20-0006-AA

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We are very heartbroken to post that Honey passed away on Wednesday March 17, 2021 💔
After a few days of weakness and attempting to manage her pain, she decided it was her time to leave. She was held by her loving foster mom for her last moments and we are so grateful to Brintnell Veterinary Hospital for all of there amazing and compassionate care for Honey since September 2020. 

Honey you will forward leave paw prints on our hearts and you will never be forgotten. Rest easy and we are thankful you are at peace and able to run free again🌈 

#inlovingmemory #soloved #neverforgotten#nasapdog #nasaprescue

Breed : Shepard cross

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Lola 19-004-O

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#inlovingmemory of Lola ❤️ Lola was in permanent care since March 2019 for severe skin issues, requiring her foster home to give her dust baths daily, and suspected Cushing’s syndrome. We want to thank Erin Ridge Vet for the excellent care while she was in foster care. Lola passed away at home in her loving moms arms on January 18 🌈 💕


From her foster mom “I had the pleasure of loving Lola on her own terms. Which is what rescuing animals is about. She was a little girl with a huge presence and will be greatly missed.” We are so grateful to have given Lola amazing golden years 💗💗

Breed : chinchilla

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Isabelle 20-042-C

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Isabelle is a sweet kitty that came to NASAP in late september 2020. Sadly Isabelle was Diagnosed with very advanced Cancer and not given much time left. Isabelle was made permanent care and is currently in foster care geting very spoiled for whatever time she has left

Age : 8 year old Female
Breed : DSH

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Honey 07-000-DX

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We just wanted to send along an in loving memory. We adopt Honey in 2007. We miss her dearly. The vet staff named her Honey because she was so sweet. I still remember the day we went to meet our special girl. Cone on her head recovering from losing her leg, but tail wagging away happy to meet us. Regan was 1 1/2 years old when Honey joined our family. Honey was always a big part of our every day, loved to be involved with everything. The holidays were special for her. She loved Halloween and dressing up. She was the most excited to see her stocking at Christmas. Car rides were her favourite, camping was meh. We joked that she is our farm girl turned city girl. To complement her sweetness, Honey had sass and made others know that we were her people and that she was number 1. Hanging out with her buddy Rylee on the deck patrolling the Wynd for cats and bunnies, she could do for hours. We miss your hugs, your bright brown eyes and your company. We love you Honey B. Honey passed away on July 10th. We sure lucked out when we got to meet her. She grew up with the kids, our tears will turn into laughter as we have a million great memories with her

We know she was well loved and taken care of. Her memory will live with your family for a lifetime. Thank you so much for making this sweet girl a part of your family. 🌈❤️

Breed : unknown

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