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Daphne 20-018-C

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Daphne came to nasap at just 10 days old along with her mom and siblings. Daphne was an independent kitty and loved to be off exploring and playing. When she was tired she would come up on laps for cuddles. Daphne unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest during her spay surgery. Despite heroic measures, Daphne passed away. Huge thank you to her foster home for showering her with love and giving her the best life.

Age : 10 week old female
Breed : DMH Black tabby with white

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"Farley" (Formerly "Cinnamon") 06-001-DX

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"Farley" (Formerly "Cinnamon")
March 2006 - April 2020
Adopted from NASAP in 2006

Yesterday I said goodbye to this dog, just a month after his 14th birthday. He got lots of hugs and kisses and went peacefully. I knew it would be sometime this year as he has been really struggling lately, and today he let us know it was time. 💔

I am grateful he was mine for his whole life. Here's to 14 years of being the best dog ever. I hope you catch that squirrel someday buddy.

Breed : unknown

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Diesel 10-000-DX

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My determined, goofy, loveable boy Diesel took his journey over the rainbow bridge on Saturday, February 29. I was blessed to have him in my life for 10 years.  This wonderful boy gave me love, loyalty and joy. He had a wicked sense of humor and would often chase my other dog, Maddie, just to see if he could get a rise out of her .  He would turn to me with his goofy smile saying what fun it was. Diesel loved to chase a ball, then bring it back and spit it out for me to catch. Diesel's other favorite thing was food, both dog and human.  It didn't matter if it was put away or not, he would try to figure out how to get to it. Baby locks did not deter my clever boy from his mission. Everything had to be put up high; if not, then Diesel figured it was up for grabs.  He would steal anything in his reach from plates, bowls, silverware and cast iron frying pans. If it had a scrap of food, he felt it was his duty to clean it up. When he was caught in the act of "cleaning" those dishes, he would try and hide them from me.  If he could have talked, I am sure he would have said "How did that get under me Mum? I have no idea where it came from. You need to talk to Maddie or Tessa, it must have been one of them. Really, I just found it here just now . I have no idea how it got from counter to floor.  Really Mum, it's a mystery."

Diesel was a great protector.  If he thought something was a threat, he would go between me and whatever, or whoever it was, and let them know he was on the job with a commanding bark that would frighten the threat away.  Even if it was just a cute little rabbit, he would let me know that I was safe.    


Thank you to the Nasap board for making the decision to support Diesel and make him a permanent foster so that I could have the honor to love and cherish this handsome boy. Thank you to all the volunteers who make it possible for us to look after our rescues. 


I would also like to thank my wonderful nieces  who answered my phone call for help to get Diesel to the  vet. They surrounded Diesel and me with love, compassion and support  in this difficult time.


Thank you to  all the staff at Towne Centre Veterinary Clinic including the caring receptionists, vet techs and all the vets who were gentle, compassionate and loving towards my boy and treated him in his 10 years with me.  A very special thank you to the incredible Dr. Julie King whose concern and dedication to Diesel's health problems in the last couple months made his life more comfortable. On Diesel's final day, Dr. Julie made time in her full schedule to examine and ensure that there was no treatment that was possible. Even though he was alert, his body had failed him and the best decision was to let him go. 


Diesel, thank you for giving me love and joy.  It was not always a quiet life in our house. I will miss our chats in the mornings, and when you needed to be served breakfast and supper, or were in desperate need of a treat. You always had to have the last word which made my life interesting. You can now play and run without any pain. I know that our Tessa will be waiting for you so you will not be lonely and will have your playmate to comfort you. 


Diesel was an example of what rescue is all about.  He came to us as a puppy and was adopted to a home for 14 months.  When his family could no longer keep him, he was returned to NASAP.  As a rescue organization, we realized he could not be placed in a forever home with his medical problems, so he was made a permanent foster. For 10 years, he gave me his love, companionship and loyalty.  I will cherish the time I had with him. This is rescue. We give animals a second chance to live their best life, either in a forever home or with a foster family.  


Take care, my boy, and thank you for everything. 

Breed : dog

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Ashton 19-007-DA

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It’s with heavy heart we let you all know that Ashton has passed away 😢 on August 29, he lost his battle with cancer. He died in the arms of his foster family, with his sister Shelby by his side. 

Ashton returned to NASAP in April and in May it was discovered he had advanced cancer to his liver, intestine and stomach. The vet estimated he would live for maybe 2 months at this stage but he surprised us all by living for 4 months!!!! He was kept comfortable and lived a great life this summer - camping, attending festivals, 1000s of treats and 100s of car rides 😍. He got snuggles and kisses and he loved his foster mom 🥰 He loved all food and he loved walks, even when his little body had thinned and he couldn’t keep up with his sister. He loved his Uber and seeing the world. 

He knew a great quality of life and he was fiercely loved! We will see you on the other side of the rainbow 🌈 ASHTON 🐾💔 “forever loved little man”

A huge thank you to Brintnell Veterinary Hospitalfor taking such great care of Ashton through everything 💚 and thank you to Part of the Family for taking such great care of him and preserving his memory for his foster home 💚

#inlovingmemory #permanentcare #fostercare#soloved #nasapdog #toocute #rainbowbridge#rainbowbridgedogs



Ashton returned to NASAP, with his bonded sister Shelby, in April 2019. They are happy, loving and energetic older pair at 9 years old. And they could not be more opposite in many ways. Shelby has the energy of a 2 year old and loves to run and meet EVERYONE. Ashton is much more relaxed, calmly walks beside you on the leash and willing to meet anyone but not a priority. They both love cuddles and treats and attention often pushing each other over to get more pets and belly scratches. 

However when Ashton was surrendered it was noted he was generally in good health but had a previous bleeding ulcer just before Christmas that caused him to vomit blood and loose a significant amount of weight. As well, he had "seizure" episodes that occurred maybe once a month or less where he would lay on his side and be very still for about 10 seconds. He had not required treatment for these episodes because they were so infrequent but he had received treatment for the ulcer. Both pups went to our partner vet for a full health assessment and unfortunately Ashton was much sicker than anyone expected. 

Despite being so happy and energetic his tongue was sheet white, he had stage 4 dental disease, he had a significant heart murmur, his weight was significantly lower than Shelby his ribs and spine were visible and his bloodwork revealed severe anemia (blood loss) most likely due to internal bleeding. With these results we believe his "seizures" were actually hypotensive episodes were his blood pressure was so low he became dizzy and had to lay down or fainted, once the blood levels rose he was able to stand up again and continue his day like normal. Also why they were so infrequent and had no significant issues immediately following the “seizure”.  

The potential internal bleeding had us panicked and we booked him an abdominal ultrasound as soon as possible to get a clear picture of what was the cause. The ultrasound is where we got the most devastating news! It found, he had significant cancer masses to his liver, to majority of the lymph-nods around his intestine had masses and a large tumour in his stomach. As well, the mass in his stomach has already eaten part of the stomach wall, which presented as a stomach ulcer and why he vomited blood earlier this year. This tumour will eventually rip his stomach lining completely and be catastrophic. Our vets have suspected he will only live for 2 more months but he has defied the odds several times over!! He is loving, warm and full of life, you would never suspect his poor body was riddled with so much cancer. 

For this reason, Ashton has been made permanent care and will live with his foster home until he passes. He will be kept comfortable and loved for the rest of his days with his sister Shelby. 

Age : 9 years old
Breed : shitzu poodle Bichon
Weight : ~10 pounds

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Serene 16-006-CX

16-006-CX Image
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We are saddened to announce the passing of one of our permanent care cats Serene. Serene became a permanent care animal when it was found out that she had hyperthyroidism which required daily meditations. Her foster family took wonderful care of her and she will be deeply missed. Here is a note from Serene’s foster family:
“Serene came to live with us Jan. 2016, a very shy and nervous kitty. As time went on, she got more used to us and pretty soon was comfortable roaming around her home. It took almost a year but we discovered she could purr! However, she remained very leary of strangers and would hide far away from any activity. With her wariness of anything or anyone new and her medical conditions, it was determined that she was not adoptable and she became our permanent foster. Sadly, her health worsened this spring and really impacted her quality of life. In August, we said goodbye to her at the grand old age of 16! It was a sad day for us but we were happy knowing she had a peaceful and happy life with us in her final years. It was very rewarding for us as permanent fosters to see her go from a frightened unhappy kitty to one who was content and comfortable.”
We can’t thank her foster family enough for taking such great care of Serene and for loving her so much! 
#nasaprescue #nasapcat #nasappermcare#heartbroken #InLovingMemory


Serene is a senior spayed female black kitty. She originally came to NASAP in 2008 as an adult from Leduc/Beaumont Animal Control. She quickly found a loving home with a senior lady that cared for her for the next 8 years. When her owner began to experience health problems and had to enter palliative care, Serene came back to NASAP in 2016. Serene has hyperthyroidism that requires daily oral medication (in chewable form - she thinks it is just a treat) and she is on a steroid to lessen the side effects of her thyroid medication (itching and losing hair). Serene is a calm and quiet cat, who saves her meows for the rare occasion when you really need to know something. She does best as the only pet in the home and with adults that let her have her own space and engage on her own terms. We had hoped initially to place Serene in a new forever retirement home, however it proved difficult to stabilize her health and deem her adoptable. Her current foster parents worked tirelessly with her vet to make sure she is as comfortable and happy as possible. She has finally settled in well to her foster home after 10 months in care. At this point, we feel it would be best for her to stay there, in permanent care for the rest of her days. 
Like any senior cat, Serene needs to receive regular vet check ups to ensure she stays in good shape through her golden years. Her vet care and medications are costly. Please consider making a targeted donation to help support Serene! 

Breed : black tabby

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