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Atticus who passed away Tuesday night. Adopted in 2013 ❤️”He had been happy & healthy until about 1-2 months ago and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He was like the sunshine of our home, always being so happy. We will love and miss him so🌈

Breed : unknown

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We adopted Sandy from NASAP in July of 2009. Sandy has been so very loved by all of her family especially fur-sister Trixie (our 2008 NASAP adoptee)
Sandy suddenly lost her vision in December 2014 and we got her a halo so she could safely continue her adventures. She was diagnosed with Cushing in March of 2015. a month later we lost our pup MacTavish to cancer. And then this fall, when she had her regular blood work, it was discovered her kidneys were failing. 
Three weeks ago we lost our little Daisy (EHSRescue) very unexpectedly. And today our Sandy. Our hearts are broken. 
Thank you for rescuing her and letting us have the joy of her company for the last nine and a half years. 
Here is a link to our post and a few photos. She was an angel. 
Sandy is the august 2019 calendar girl for Muffins Halo!

Breed : unknown

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We adopted Molly from NASAP 10 ½ years ago.  She passed away yesterday (Dec 21, 2018) from liver cancer.  She was the best girl.  She was great with dogs, cats and kids.  Guarded the groceries on grocery day, and made Chewbacca sounds when she was excited.  She had many health problems over the years but we were always able to overcome them in the past.  She was our big bear and our hearts are broken.  Thanks you for the time, it was worth the heartbreak.

Age : 10 years old
Breed : Shepard x

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Gandalf 18-068-Cx

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Our second lost of this past season was Gandalf 😿 
He came from our partner pound Nov 13. He was a very sweet boy, independent and getting settled. He had a slightly firm belly and went for his vet check later that week, we found a large mass in his abdomen that caused a bit of discomfort. We were unsure of what caused the mass but we think it could have been a laceration to his spleen. 
In less then 36 hours he was rushed back to the vet and a second X-ray showed the mass grew exponentially. The infection moved to all of his vital organs and he was septic, we made the heartbreaking decision to let him go. He spent 6 loving days in foster care being warm, getting cuddles and being spoiled as much as we could. 
He crossed the rainbow bridge with his foster mom by his side 🌈💜 #foreverloved #loved#rainbowbridge #inlovingmemory #nasapcat#nasaprescue #rescue 

 #finalhome #cat#catsofinstagram #lovedforever #catstagram#catsrule #stoic : @nasaprescue

Age : 2 year old
Breed : DMH Grey male

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Peaches 18-070-Cx

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Our third loss this season was Peaches! 
She came into Nasap care the same week as Gandalf from our partner pound. She was 10 weeks old and super lovable. However after 8 days in foster care it was found she had panleukopenia and had to be euthanized. Panleukopenia is a very severe virus that affects the immune system and causes diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, hair loss and failure to thrive. Peaches was no exception 😿She passed away with her foster mom by her side at the vet as comfortable as possible 🌈 

#inlovingmemory #nasapcat #nasaprescue #yeg#yegcat #cat #catsofinstagram #catsrule#foreverloved #gonebutnotforgotten#secondchance #rescue #rescuelife #fostercare#fosteringsaveslives #rainbowbridge

Age : 10 week old
Breed : DLH orange and white female

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