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Cookie 16-005-DA

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Cookie came into our lives in February 2016 and was a really important addition to our family. She was approximately 13 years old at that time. Very well-behaved and super affectionate. When she first came into our lives she loved to go for walks not long walks but shorter walks through the neighbourhood. She loved visiting all the dogs that lived near us and was friends with everyone around.  Except rabbits and squirrels for some reason she not only wanted to chase them she actually howled at them. People would open their doors to make sure someone wasn't beating a dog as she sounded as though she was in pain. The neighbours did get used to it after awhile.

 As time went on the walks got shorter until finally just going to the door and out on to the porch was all she could manage. She would do this every time if Jim or I went out or if Hailey came over. She was our dog from the get go and we loved her as much as she loved us.
It did finally come to the point though that with the Cushings disease we had to let her go. Our happy baby was in pain and that just wasn't fair to her.  On November 23rd, 2016, we had to make the very sad decision to let her go. Thank you so much to Dr Chapelle at the vets for being so understanding and helping us through this time. Even though she was a senior dog and not well when she came to us she gave us a lifetime of pleasure in the short time she had left and we are so glad we got to know her and love her. 
- Her loving Permanent care foster mom, Judy! 


Meet Cookie 

She is a very lovable sweetheart! She returned to NASAP February 2016 very ill with a pancreatic flare up and extreme diarrhea.

She has been an amazing addition to the NASAP family. She is well loved by adults and kids; and gets along great with other dogs. She is quiet and calm in the house. Even with her age she is still active and playful. She loves walks, laying next to her people, and watching out the window of the house or the car! She travels great in the car and loves scratches and belly rubs. 

During Cookie's time with us she has been monitored for her thyroid condition and pancreas. At the beginning of August cookie had a bad case of diarrhea and we found that she had developed Cushing’s disease. She is being monitored and medicated to manage the condition.

With her age she has also developed arthritis to her hind legs. The poor girl loves to walk but can only manage a few Km before she begins to limp. She is receiving pain management to keep her comfortable and her foster family is pacing her walks to ensure she doesn’t over exert herself.

She is an amazing dog and we welcome her to our permanent care family.


Age : 12 year old
Breed : collie cross
Weight : 45 pounds

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Percy 12-059-DX

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Percy passed away February 17, 2017. His bladder issues have gotten worse over the years and he now has a blockage . His little legs have also been causing him more and more issues and we do not want him to suffer . He has been an amazing little dog and he will always be my special little boy and will be taking my heart with him . I am thankful every day that I have had these years with him and I am always thankful and grateful for what you have done for Percy and most of all thank you for allowing me to adopt him and be his Mommy . 

Percy sends you all kisses . I’ve also lost touch with Sheila , but if you could please let her know that she will always be Percy’s favourite foster Mommy and he will never forget what she did for him

Breed : pug

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Hugo 04-998-DA

04-998-DA Image
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On the first Saturday of December 2016, as the sun was setting, Hugo was euthanised at home with his loving family present.  He had cancer; it was the right decision although it broke our hearts.  He was a trusting, gentle, adorable dog; a perfect pet.  We adopted him in 2004 when he was about 18 months old.  His name then was Statler and Mary F. was his foster mother.  I have attached a photograph of Hugo strolling in his garden. 

Age : >13 years
Breed : unknown

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Roxie 03-999-D

03-999-D Image
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My ex and I adopted Roxie on May 4, 2003.  We had just lost our little dog, Lady, who always acted like a big dog, one month earlier on April 4.  When we saw Roxie (Sweetheart) at  Petsmart Store in W. Edmonton, it was love at first sight but the wonderful NASAP volunteers wouldn’t let us adopt her until the next day when they could check our house out and the fence in the backyard.  Also, we had 5 cats and Huskys are not supposed to like cats so they didn’t know if we would be a good fit for her.  Well, they walked in the house the next day and I believe that my little Lady’s spirit was waiting at the door for the big dog that she always wanted to be and slick as a whistle, Roxie had a new spirit in her. Roxie went past cat 1, then cat 2, 3, 4 and 5 without so much as a sideways glance , went to have a drink, ate a few cat crunchies in a dish, trotted up the stairs, jumped on the bed and said “Nice snowbank, I think I’ll stay”  And the fence was high enough to contain her so the adoption went thru and Rox started her new life.  The 1st day, she spent most of the day outside, jumping up against the fence every 6 –12” apart trying to find the weak link and when she found none, she never tried jumping again!
Of all the cats, Magic (also a NASAP kitty) who was adopted a couple months later, became her favorite kitty until he would give her love bites in her armpit then the tussle would begin. She loved all the cats though and thru out her 15 and a half years, had many canine and feline siblings and she got along with everyone.  She was on a raw food diet from the beginning up until about 6 months before she passed and was very healthy with the exception of being incontinent the last few months.
Her very favorite person was my neighbor and friend, Lorraine, who lived right across the street.  With the high living room windows, she could lay on her snowbank (my bed) and look directly across to Lorraine’s house and would  do her Husky yodel for her every time she saw her.  Lorraine took her on many long walks and whatever and wherever Roxie wanted, Roxie got – with Lorraine and so it was a love affair that spanned the years.  Lorraine was with me and Roxie’s Golden brother, Buddy, when we took her in to the vet that morning.  Just the morning before, she had gone on her regular 1.5 hour walk with Lorraine but that night, she suffered a stroke and I knew there was no recovery this time.  Two years ago on Christmas Day morning, she fell down the stairs and at age 14, I thought she would not recover but I treated her with every homeopathic & herbal anti-inflammatory supplement that I had in the house and administered it to her every 2 –4 hours for 4 days and on the 5th day , we went out for a walk. And she had a total recovery!
Roxie had a few escapes over the years (never by jumping over the fence though) and it was hard to outsmart her – smart like a fox.  I guess this is why many folks can’t live with a Husky because if you have a need for control, a Husky is not for them.  They are free spirits, determined, and stubborn but oh, so beautiful.  I always got so many compliments on how beautiful she was and she knew it.  If someone didn’t pet her or say how beautiful she was, Roxie, the DIVA would look back at me as much to ask “Don’t they know who I am?”  Too funny!  One winter I bought her and my other dog, Kayla, each a nice red coat , Well Kayla, the Yellow Lab, loved her coat and was so proud of it.  Roxie, on the other hand, was mortified and disgusted and embarrassed to the point of going upstairs and refusing to go out in public with a coat on .  Again, it was like “I’m a Husky, you know.  We’re not wieners, we are tough and I don’t want my friends to see me dressed up” Point taken and the issue never arose again!
Back to the Lady spirit, why I believed this to be true was when Lady was alive, her and I would play little games that just her & I knew.  Right from when Roxie came to live here, she started playing the same games and one day I actually told her that I knew that Lady was “in you” and she looked at me as though to say “Don’t be telling anyone about this. It is between you and me so keep it a secret” Actually got goose bumps, so in effect I guess you could say that Lady has lived on in her 21 yr old  little body and another 15.5 years in the big body she always wanted – Roxie.
Roxie loved babies, toddlers, big kids, adults, other dogs and cats with the same depth of love for all.  When we said our goodbyes, she was relaxed and went peacefully.  Our hearts, on the other hand felt broken and a huge hole has been left by this wonderful sweetheart of a dog called Roxie.  
Thank you NASAP for all you have done for me with my other pets I have adopted from you and for all the good you do for all the other pets. God bless you all!


Age : 16 years old
Breed : Husky X

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Daphne 02-000-DA

02-000-DA Image
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I adopted Daphne from NASAP in 2002 and sadly had to say good-bye to her Sept 19th. She was 15 years old & such a blessing in my life.


Age : 15 years
Breed : unknown

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