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Daphne 02-000-DA

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I adopted Daphne from NASAP in 2002 and sadly had to say good-bye to her Sept 19th. She was 15 years old & such a blessing in my life.


Age : 15 years
Breed : unknown

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Max 04-999-DA

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We adopted our loving pet from you in January of 2004 when he was only 6 weeks old. He was been found in a bag with his entire litter at the side of the road... And he was the only survivor. Thank you for allowing us to adopt such a loving dog! He truly touched the lives of everyone around him. We named him Max! We was such a gentle soul...However today we lost him to cancer... It's very heartbreaking, but he would have never been able to spend his life with my family if it wasn't for NASAP caring!

Breed : unknown

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Sterling 16-002-C

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Sterling was by far the best cat ever. He loved everyone and everything. Sterling did not have a mean bone in his body and never once hissed or growled at anyone. Sterling would always follow his people around and loved to cuddle. He would quietly sneak up and sit on your lap. He gave the best cuddles. Sterling also loved all the foster animals that he got to meet. He would sit patiently near them while they adjusted to their new surrounding, he was so easy going that he always made the new foster kitties feel safe. Sadly sterling had to be euthanized at just 16 months old due to a fatal condition called FIP. There will never be another kitty quite like Sterling and he will be missed terribly.

Age : 1 year
Breed : DLH grey tabby

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Red 04-999-D

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In May 14, 2004,  my husband and I picked up Red from a NASAP Foster Home.  We weren't sure what to expect with Red at the beginning. Red was very timid and fearful of many things.  But quickly, Red let go of all his fears and became an amazing dog.  Red was gentle, wise and loved by everyone he touched.  Our family was blessed to have Red in our lives for a little over 12 years.  On July 20, 2016, Red passed away in our loving arms.  Our family will forever miss Red's beautiful brown eyes, his floppy ears and 360 degree tail wags.  Our family couldn't have asked for a better dog. Red is greatly missed. Thank you NASAP for bringing him into our lives.


Age : >12 years
Breed : Shepherd X

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Fred (previously Fluffy) 09-013-C

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Fred (March 1999 - April 29 2016)

When I was lucky enough to adopt Fred he was almost 10 years old and was the very first cat on the NASAP cat adoption page. He had only one owner who gave him and his brother up when she moved in with a man who didn't want them. His brother had already been adopted and I knew immediately this was the cat for me. He was a beautiful grey and white boy with lovely eyes and a very shy nature and I knew I could give him a loving home until the end of his days. I had Fred for six years he was just a joy and we all loved him. I know his last years were spent being loved and spoilt and giving me in return more love than I ever imagined.   

I want to end by saying never let an animal's age deter you from adopting one of these needy animals. They make great companions and the love you receive is awesome.


Age : 17 years
Breed : DLH grey and white

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