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In 2012, four baby buns were surrendered to NASAP by a caring individual who humanely trapped them on her property outside of Calgary. These bunnies were born to a rabbit who was once someone's pet and was, along with other rabbits, carelessly dumped in the country a few years ago. Luckily this momma rabbit chose the right patch of land to have her babies, and they are now safely in the care of NASAP and looking for their forever homes. 

Scout is a handsome young bunny who was the only male in his litter.  He has a signature white stripe on his front right paw. Scout has been neutered and microchipped.

Scout suffered an injury to his back when he was younger. It took a few months of vet care and rehabilitation to get him up and hopping again, but he’s doing quite well now. He used to jump up on items and be quite adventurous, but since his injury, he is content to remain on the floor. In the evenings, usually around 11 o’clock, he catches a second wind. Since the injury he can't run around as much as he used to as his back gets sore. Care must also be taken if he is picked up or physically moved to avoid aggravating his back. Scout is on the shy side, but incredibly sweet. Please contact NASAP if you are considering adopting a lovely bunny!

Age : 4 years

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