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Joy is a beautiful young girl that came to NASAP via rural bylaw officers and another rescue. She was living under a post office and kept trying to come into the post office and jump into people's cars in an attempt to find safety and help. She came to NASAP heavily pregnant and infested with tapeworms but with supportive veterinary care and plenty of healthy food, she is now feeling much better. She has a lovely grey and white coat. Since she became pregnant so young, all her resources are being poured into her kittens and she will likely remain a petite cat. She is loving, friendly and is still very much a kitten herself. Joy gave birth on March 24, 2017 and is now taking good care of 6 little babies. Please watch the adoptable kittens page for Joy's kittens. We are extremely grateful and relieved that we were able to help Joy before a bitterly cold snap and before the birth of her kittens. Joy will be available for adoption sometime around the end of May, once her kittens have been weaned and she has been spayed. Joy will be looking for an indoor only forever home where she will be spoiled and safe for life.

Age : 1 year
Breed : DSH grey and white

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