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Mister is a large, short-haired black male cat. He had been living around the acreage of a very kind family for over a year. He is in very good body condition because they were feeding him. However, he was an unneutered tom cat and consequently had been in many fights with other cats and was covered in healing wounds and scabs. He has now been neutered and had a spa day including a bubble bath and blow dry (thank you Catty Canines for the grooming donation!). His coat is now shiny and his skin is completely healed up. Mister is FIV/Feline leukemia negative and has been vaccinated (including rabies), neutered, dewormed microchipped and tattooed. He has a wonderful personality. He is loving and friendly and likes to settle right on your lap while purring his heart out. He was patient and gentle with the family's two young children (2 and 4 years). He is great about eating and using his litterbox and is a quiet boy. Mister just really wants to belong somewhere and be someone's friend for life. Please inquire about adopting Mister today!

Age : 2 years
Breed : DSH black

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