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Tuxi is a sweet young cat that came to NASAP as a young kitten with his two sisters, all of them skinny and sick. Unfortunately, Tuxi was quickly diagnosed with a severe heart murmur. He was so young and the initial prognosis was poor, so NASAP decided to keep Tuxi in foster care and give him all the love he could handle. However, four months later he was still full of amazing kitten energy and beating all the odds, so Tuxi went to see a cardiologist. Although they did confirm a grade 5/6 systolic heart murmur, they also think he will live a normal and healthy life! 
Given this amazing news, Tuxi is now ready to leave foster care and to find his true forever home! Tuxi may be all grown up - but what is age other than a number? He is completely full of kitten mischief. Tuxi loves to play fetch, climb cat trees, and zoom around the house. He especially loves playing with cats and dogs! He would love a home with at least one other cat that likes to both wrestle and snuggle in equal parts. As for dogs, he really likes to chase tails so any dogs in his future home would need to be very, very tolerant or very, very careful when they play. 
Tuxi is very affectionate and handleable, he loves to stretch out and sleep on laps. Sometimes he will "groom" his owners to show his love at bedtime, so you must love kitty kisses! One of his favourite pastimes is to sit quietly beside his foster dad while he's on the computer and watch the screen, fact checking and researching. He is completely bananas for food and when the can gets cracked at meal time he will sing and spin in circles. He will eat other pets' food very quickly so should not be in a home where pets are free fed, or should be able to separate animals at mealtime. 
Tuxi is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and ready to have a home all his own where he isn't just a guest - but a part of the family. Please inquire about meeting him today! 



Age : 8 months
Breed : DSH black and white male

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