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Greyson is a super sweet boy that came to NASAP after he was unclaimed from the pound. Greyson is a ball of energy and loves to play. He has been learning to run on his foster moms cat exercise wheel. He loves other cats and loves to chase and wrestle with them. After lots of playtime he will curl up with his kitty friends. Greyson still has lots of kitten energy but is very gentle when he plays with his people. He is not shy when he wants attention either. Greyson is either vocal or will follow his people around and paw at them for more attention. He does well when meeting new people and is very social. Greyson does better on a higher quality food as cheaper food gives him a tummy ache. He is currently on acana food. Greyson is currently being fostered with Turbo and the two of them make quite the pair. If you're looking for 2 kitties that love to play and are always entertaining then please inquire today!



** Greyson and his friend turbo are available for a 2 for 1 specail as they are a bonded pair. The adoption fee is $100 for both. This includes their Neuters, Vaccines, dewormer, a microchip, free health exam and a 30 day trail of pet insurance. **

Age : 2 year old male
Breed : DSH Grey

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