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Dobby is a super sweet kitty that came to Nasap after he was found by animal control frozen and quite sick. Dobby was severely Frost bitten and very malnourished. He is a fighter and after a few days of pain killers and other medications Dobby started to show signs of improvement. He now has a healthy appetite and is starting to play and act like a typical kitten. He is super loving and will roll and roll for belly rubs. Dobby has lost most his nails on his front paws from the frost bite. It appears some are growing back but its still to early to tell if a full nail will grow back. He is also missing the tip of his tail. His ears were slighlty folded and the tips gone as well. His adorable ears is how Dobby got his name. Being named for the elf on Harry Potter. His ears have perked up a little and the hair has grown back and it's now white. Unfortunately dobbys biggest issue is one of the back legs was so damaged that it had to be removed. Dobby does fantastic on 3 legs and gets around everywhere. He has mastered the stairs already but is still unsure about jumping onto beds and couches. This will improve once his remaining back leg builds some more muscle. Dobby prefers a more laid back home with other kitties. He loves people and will curl up to watch tv. He does great to be picked up and likes to hang off shoulders and watch what is happening. He so far loves every cat he meets and likes to groom them and in turn be groomed. Dobby can still be a little unsure of things from time to time and a cat friend seems to help Dobby find his confidence. He does not like dogs as he becomes very scared. Inquire today to give this amazing fighter his chance at a purrfect home.

Age : 10 month old
Breed : DSH Black and white male

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