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Meet Pawpaw! 

He is a very sweet gentle old boy. He came to NASAP after being in the pound for almost a month and before that was scared and at large for over 3 weeks. He is a tough boy though. While he was on the run he cut his eye and left side of his face very severely. He has been on antibiotics and eye drops for the last 2 months to help it heal. Luckily it has healed very well and the vet has determined he has full vision!! This cut should not need any more follow up but gives him a very cool battle scar 

He is very easy to handle and loves to be carried. He is leash trained and loves going for adventures. He travels well in the car. He gets along with other dogs and people of all ages. 


He had a full dental cleaning with extractions that required his remaining 7 teeth to be removed at River Valley Vet on September 20 th. But he is recovering great and loves the soft food. During his assessment it was found he has a mild heart murmur which should not cause any issues but will require regular monitoring. 

He is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. 

Pawpaw can not wait to meet you! Apply today 

Age : 11 years
Breed : Pomeranian x
Weight : ~15 pounds

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