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Ladybug is a very affectionate kitty that came to nasap with her friend cricket, after they went unclamined from the pound. Ladybug is a bundle of energy and is always up to play. She loves little fuzzy balls and wands but will play with anything. She is amazing at being handled and passed around. She loves to purr and does so all the time. She is always wanting attention and is turning into quite the cuddle bug. She will likely adapt to any household given proper introductions to any new animal friends. Inquire on this sweet girl today. She is sure to bring you goodluck!

Ladybug and chloe are available as a 2 for 1 adoption fee

**All cats over 6 months are available for an adoption fee of $100 during October. Inquire today **

Age : 7 months
Breed : DSH Black female

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