Goose 18-059-C

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The names goose! I'm a very loyal boy and love everyone. I especially love other cats. Haven't met one that I dont like. Got kittens? Even better! I'll make sure they are clean and warm. I always wanted a big family, currently I live with 4 other kitties. Not to brag but I have the most beautiful and soft fur. My mane is starting to come in and its brown! Gives me an extra edge over the other black beauties I think. I love routine and following my fostering mom around. Shes almost stepped on me a few times cause I dont meow. I'm too cool for that. Instead I chirp or coo. I'm great with my cat box and will eat anything. Never been fussy. I would love to bring my sister maverick with me to a new home but as long as my home has feline friends, I'll be the happiest cat around.

Age : 8 month old
Breed : DMH Black male

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