Maverick 18-062-C

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Hi everyone! My names maverick. I'm a little kitty with personality! I may be small but I make up for it by how much I love people. I have a big heart! I'm shy to start but once I warm up there is pretty much nothing I wont let my people do. Play with my face? Yes please. Hold me upside down? Sure! Why not. I like to lick my people and sleep on them too. I'm also the best air biscuit maker around. It's my natural born talent. I love to play and will carry toys around and keep myself entertained. But if you play with me..I will love you forever. I have very soft fur and dont shed very much for a fluffly kitty. I like my fur so I try to keep it with me. I've met many kitty friends and sometimes I hiss, sometimes I dont. Depends on my mood. Even if i feel the need to hiss, I'm usually still purring or sitting with my foster mommy. Once i know they are staying we can be friends. I love my brother goose and would love to spend forever with him, but as long as I have friends and lots of human cuddles, I'll be living the dream. 

Age : 6 months
Breed : DMH black and white female

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