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Meet Frodo 

He came into care in very rough shape! He was very dirty and matted and has bronchitis, extreme gingivitis with dental disease, and broken paw. He is on antibiotics and pain medication to help manage his illnesses and he recently got groomed and pampered at Catty Canines. After 2 weeks of antibiotics and a week of pain medication he has recovered from his cough and gingivitis. On monday October 21 he is being neutered and full dental. 

He is a super sweetheart and loves to play. He is great with all dogs and humans. He loves to cuddle and his favorite person is his foster families son! They are constantly cuddled. He is house trained and good on leash. He has great recall and knows a few tricks already. He is great with kids and loves going to school for extra snuggles and treats. 

We found out his sensitive paw was due to a broken bone in his paw. However its a small bone and does not require surgery or a splint, he is very comfortable and shows no signs of favoring but it will take a few more weeks to full heal. He had extreme dental disease and is having full cleaning and extractions to make it more comfortable to eat. Currently he has a bit of aversion to eating due to being uncomfortable but he always loves yummy treats 

He is microchipped, vaccinated and soon to be neutered now that we have confirmed how to proceed with his dental and paw. 

Age : ~ 6 years old
Breed : aussie husky x
Weight : 40 pounds

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