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Hi, my name is Bandit and I'm in business of stealing hearts. I was once just a lone wolf, roaming the streets, looking for a safe place to call my own. But I let my guard down and was caught. I was in jail for a while but when the warden wasn't looking I stole her heart! Then all of a sudden I was in a house. Some lady came and got me and brought me home. She said she would find more hearts for me to steal and best of all, that safe place I've always been looking for. And just like that, I'm no longer a lone wolf. I have something called a foster home, I guess it's my temporary home until I get a real one. I'm loving all the attention. I like to be part of whatever is going on. I'm pretty quiet and that's why you won't hear me coming for your heart. This is one of my best secrets. I'll purr loudly and keep you company. If you have a cat I'll keep them company too. I love kitty friends. My foster home has a big dog and I'm learning how to play with him. He's a little big so it was scary at first, but if my foster family is there I'm all good. Oh I can't wait to steal the hearts of the people that will be mine forever. 'Cause maybe then I'll finally let someone have my heart. Come meet me today!

Age : 7 months
Breed : DSH black and white neutered male

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