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Odin is a sweet kitty that has had a rough life. Odin came to NASAP from a situation of neglect. Beacuse of this Odin is a little shy about meeting new people. He needs time to trust. At first, Odin was scared and prefered to hide. If forced out he would cuddle and sit but felt the need to hide anyway. After a couple weeks in care, Odin really started to open up. While he still likes his safe place from time to time, Odin has become quite the social kitty. He is smart and learns the household routines pretty easily. He has been around other cats and dogs and does fine as long as they are friendly and will give him space if needed. Odin is very food motivated and never misses a meal. He has perfect little box manners as well. He is starting to play with toys and mice and wands seem to be his favorite. Odin likes to sit on his foster moms lap and watch TV or get into bed at the end of the day. He follows his foster mom around and is fianlly starting to find his voice. He is starting to enjoy being carried around and is becoming very spoiled. Odin would do fine in a home with other animals or alone. He is very laid back and calm. Odin has gained much confidence since being in foster care. Odin will take a little time to settle into a new place but once he does, this boy has so much love to give! Inquire today and give this sweet kitty the home he truly deserves.

Age : 10 months
Breed : DSH Siamese X

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