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Hey I’m Archie, I first came to NASAP in the early summer of 2020. Before that, I was on the streets with a few close cat friends. I was cared for by a nice lady who fed me and let me in to rest from time to time. Once the lady realized I was friendly and needed medical care, I came into NASAP. I had a bad bite on my tail with an abscess. I was on my own for a long time. Sadly, when I got here, I tested positive for Feline Leukaemia (FeLv)… My life expectancy was estimated to be about a year or less.

Surprisingly, by Summer of 2021, I was still here! Because of this, my foster home brought me in for some blood work, and the test results were weird. According to the test results, I was FeLv negative!! After more thorough testing, we found out that I was in a regressive stage of FeLv. That means my immune system has cleared the virus and I’m now considered to have a LOW RISK of spreading the virus. In the future, if my immune system is suppressed, I could become FeLv positive again. But for now, I am great and can theoretically life a full and complete life in the right home! According to my doctor, it is even possible for me to be around other cats as long as they are vaccinated against FeLv every year! FeLv only affects cats so all other animals would be safe. Living with other cats would be my would be my dream! I love humans so very very much, but I long for a furry friend.

This is where you all come in! I am now officially adoptable to the right home!!!!!!! I’m so excited!

A little bit about me, I’m two years old and both a kitten at heart and a grumpy old man. I am a long haired boy who loves being brushed and groomed. I am a handsome Prince and I love being taken care of. My favourite wet food is Whiskas Pate and anything else pales in comparison. I love to be around my humans but I’m also a very independent kitty. I spend most of my days napping outside on my foster families balcony or laying in my favourite spot on the couch. I am such an easy going cat that whenever my foster family picks me up and lays me on their lap, I’ll just purr and be happy to receive attention from them. I have a cute “chirp” meow and I am always content to follow my humans around and chat with them! My first foster home was really kind and sweet to me but I found their big dogs and little kids a bit scary. So I mostly hid while I was there.

My ideal home would have 1 or 2 other cats that can be annually vaccinated against Feline Leukaemia, a home that is low stress, and with humans who are experienced with caring for cats. Particularly, medical case kitties such as myself! I shouldn’t need any more special attention than any other kitties, but it’s important that my forever home can recognize signs of FeLv so that I’m forever well cared for and I don’t get anyone else sick. Could you be the amazing family i’m looking to fine?

Inquire today so I can share my itty bitty kitty heart with you!

Age : 2.5 Year Old
Breed : DLH Grey Male

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