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HI im Milo. I came to nasap after I was in cat jail for awhile. I heard my foster family call it the pound. I was very shy at first. It took me a little while to trust the humas, but now that I do, Im a different cat. I like to run all over the house and fly through tunnels. Im sometimes a little clumsy but my family thinks thats cute. I go bananas over being brushed!! I love it so much! I also love belly rubs and will flop over for more and more. I cant get enough. My foster family has a bunny and I adore that bunny!! I sleep near her cage sometimes and cant wait for her to come out and play. I am very calm and will lay back and let her groom me. My foster family said its the cutest thing they have ever seen. When I was in the pound, I was also in love with the pound dog. I would do fine being adopted with a bunny or a dog. I just cannot be adopted to a home with any cats. I was told I have a condition called FIV. FIV is a life long condition. FIV causes a weakened immune system so I will need to remain and indoor only kitty. FIV is transmittable through bites and saliva to other cats. I dont let that slow me down! I cant wait to find my furever family and have belly rubs every day. Inquire today to meet me

Age : 4 years old
Breed : DSH White and orange male

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