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Looking for a sweet and affectionate kitty? Meet Taz! Taz is a super friendly and loving kitty who was surrendered to Nasap. Taz adores attention and loves to follow people around and sleep on laps and beds. Wherever people are, you will find taz. Taz was originally adopted from a breeder and we were told he is a bengal and Manx mix. Manx cats can often have some medical issues and Taz is no exception. Taz has no tail which means he is missing vertabrae. This causes him to walk a little different and when he runs he sometimes hops. His mobility is not affected at all and he has no pain. His medical issue is constipation as his back end is shaped different. Taz is on a vet fiber diet and feeding schedule. He also takes a medication to help with his bowel motility. Taz is really good with his meds and loves his fiber food. Taz just needs to have his constipation kept under control and otherwise is the easiest kitty. He also loves meeting new people and is very outgoing. He is not afraid to march right up to you for rubs. Taz is also a bit a drooler cause he is so content all the time. Taz has been around dogs and loves them. He is gentle and would do ok with respectful kids. Taz would love a home with people around to give hime endless attention and always have a lap to cuddle up to. Inquire today to meet this sweet sweet boy.

Age : 4 year old male
Breed : DSH Manx cross

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