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Hello! I'm Totoro! I am an older guy at 12 years old but that doesn't stop me. I don't have the energy I probably used to, but I definitely don't have the personality of an old man. Young at heart is what I think they call it, however, I'm not too sure who "they" are. I am gentle and kind, and enjoy being brushed and pet. I sometimes like to be held or to sit on your lap, but I prefer to snuggle close beside you. I have to be watched by the doors because I just really would like to be outside. I do well on a leash and although it's kind of weird, given my history as a stray, I appreciate the opportunity to be outdoors. 

I am a looooong boy. So long, in fact, that it's a little silly. My foster dad sometimes affectionately calls me "giraffe boy." I like playing with toys in brief bursts, and my favourite so far are those little balls that have a jingle bell inside them. I jingle those all the way down the hall. If my forever home had high up things I could climb on and lounge on, I would be a very happy guy.

My foster home used to have another older cat. We didn't see eye to eye at first and preferred some space, but he got adopted just as we were beginning to become tolerant buddies. With slow and steady introductions, I would probably do well with another more laid-back cat in my life. My foster home currently has a pregnant kitten, and essentially, I would rather they not. I don't prefer to live with young whippersnappers that are so wiggly. I also don't think I'd like hanging out with younger kids, but the neighbours are 10 years old and I like them a lot because they are gentle with me. 

When I first came into care, I had a wound on my back leg from living on the streets. NASAP took great care of me and we were able to patch me right up. While I was at the doctor, they ran a full blood panel and were able to see that I was really healthy for my age - whatever that means. After my dental, I will be ready for my forever home!

The best part about adopting me? Your neighbours can introduce me to their friends by saying, "This is my neighbour, Totoro!" Just like the Movie!

Age : 12 Year Old Male
Breed : DSH Grey with Tabby Markings

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