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Hi everybody. My names is Hades! When I first came into the shelter, I was super shy and scared. But the nice people there, along with my foster family, showed me that I have nothing to fear. I'm a big fluff-ball of love! While my name suggests I could be king of the underworld, I really just want to be the king of your hearts. I love cuddling, being brushing, and hanging out with my foster family. Right now, I'm living with my foster sister Perseohone! I like her a lot but sometimes she doesn't like me. Maybe I could have a sibling that does in my forever home? That would be awesome. 

When I first came into care, I became really sick and needed to go to the doctor. They discovered that I had a urinary blockage because I was forming crystals in my urine. I am back with my foster family now and eating a special food to help keep me stable! While they're still figuring out what I like best, I will need to be on my special diet lifelong. Luckily, my special food is readily available and has many options to choose from!

I'm so happy to be around humans again. I hated living on the streets and I never want to go back there again! If you're lnterested in a fluffy cuddle-buddy for life, I'm your guy! Inquire to adopt me meooooww.

Age : 2 Year Old Male
Breed : DLH Grey

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