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Meow everyone! My name is Buttercup and I'm the sweetest little cup of butter you'd ever meet!

I'm a very shy, quiet, low energy cat that prefers one on one attention. I do not like lots of people around, however, I have been around cats, dogs, and kids and have no problems with them as long as they're quiet and respectful of my space! I prefer adults to kids though.

I loveeeeeee wet food always and will only choose dry food when there is nothing else offered. Even then, I only eat very little of it! I like to be brushed for long periods of time as I have a thick coat of fur that requires brushing often. I have one toy in my foster home which I absolutely adore! It's one of those spinning ball toys. Maybe I could have that in my forever home!

I am kind mannered and have the quietist, sweetest ‘meow’ you ever did hear. I like to be pet on my body the most and will stand patiently for pets. I only sometimes like to be pet on my head - specifically on my cheeks which I only like occasionally and on both sides simultaneously. I'm very shy at first, but through time I will warm up enough to lay in bed to sleep with you. Doesn't that sound like a nice friend to have?

I am a sweet, gentle, and not to mention, gorgeous cat! Please consider being my forever home today :)

Age : 5 Year Old Female
Breed : DLH White Balinese Mix

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