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Hi there! My name is Gemini. My foster dad calls me Gem for short. I am a reserved, content kitten who worked very hard to be born and grow up healthy! With those things out of the way, I'm ready for my forever home! 

I was born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), which is also known as “Wobbly Cat Syndrome.” CH is a painless neurological condition that does not require any medication or special medical treatments. When I walk or otherwise move, I get the wiggles! I also experience "intention tremors," meaning that I shake a bit sometimes right before I start moving. My CH is considered “mild to moderate” and for the most part, I have very good mobility. 

My CH will not worsen over time and, if anything, my mobility and balance will improve as I continue to grow and adapt. My back feet slip out from under me sometimes and I will never say no to a spontaneous barrel roll, but like I said, CH is painless and I am not suffering at all. In fact, I am very happy! I can do most things other cats do with no problems. My foster dad will be sure to point you towards any educational resources or information you might want about CH before adopting me. There are tons of support communities on social media for parents of kitties like me, where you can ask questions if anything confusing comes up down the road. He is more than happy to go into depth with you about me and my experience with CH, as he has been around since my first day on the Earth!

Because of my disability, my forever family will need to be willing to make my world accessible. I need a home where there is either lots of carpet, or where my family is willing to buy large rugs for all the rooms in my home that I have access to. This will improve my quality of life, because I will have more grip to run, jump, and play. My ideal living situation would probably be an apartment or small single-level home. If I have access to stairs, I could easily fall down them in a particularly wiggly moment. Baby gates do not solve this problem, as I can climb over them. My foster dad keeps my claws a little longer than he normally would in order to help me climb onto the bed and catch myself when I fall. Speaking of climbing, I am good at that! Even though I’m good at climbing, it would be best if my family had shorter (About 4ft tall or less) cat trees and scratch posts for me. That way, I will always be safe, even when you aren’t around. As I get taller, I may prefer my food and water bowls to be raised up so I don’t have to balance as much to eat and drink. 

I love to play with things I can kick, things I can chase, and things I can bat around between my paws. In particular, I like jingly balls and small mouse-shaped toys. I am a bit of a strange kitty in that I really, really like water. I don’t play in my water bowl (thank goodness), but my foster dad lets me play in the bathroom sink sometimes and it’s my favourite. I also occasionally enjoy warm, soaking baths in the tub. Bubbles optional. 

I can live in a home as a single kitty, but I grew up around my mom and sister and really love playing with other cats. I could get used to a calm dog who will give me space and time to warm up, but I really would prefer to live with humans and cats. If I only live with humans, be prepared to be my best friend – I need lots of attention and play time. I am very affectionate, have the loudest purr ever for such a small baby, and love to snuggle up with my foster dad at bedtime. 

I can't wait to find a family who will love me and all of my wiggles!

Age : 5 Months
Breed : DSH Grey Tabby

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