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My name was Batman because when I first came into NASAP’s care they thought I was a boy!!

When I went to Lakeside Vet for my neuter, they had to do a spay because turns out I’m actually a girl!  So now I am offically - Batgirl!  

I was so tiny when NASAP first got me that they thought I was only 1 month old but I was actually 3 months!  I got big and strong quickly although I am still a small cat. The vet says I have a very good body condition, whatever that means. I'm tiny but mighty

I love cats and small dogs.  Bigger dogs kinda scare me.  I need to be with my buddy Robin.  He helps me navigate the world and makes me a bit more brave.

Check out Robins profile - hes super cute! Plus you get Batgirl and Robin 

Adopting both of us is a bonus, our adoption fee is only $300 for 2 

I am spayed, fully vaccinated, snap tested and ready to be adopted! 

Age : DOG July 2022
Breed : Domestic short hair black female

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