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Edith is an absolute sweetheart. She is over the top cuddly, with her favourite place to cuddle being right your chest, but she'll snuggle right in wherever you let her and purr up a storm. Edith is a little older but she's still full of energy. She loves to catch and chase after toys, and will even bring them back sometimes. She enjoys many types of toys, but is especiallly fond of twist ties and hair elastics. She's not very graceful when she gets the zoomies but it's very entertaining to watch. Edith is quite chatty, and makes some very amusing grunting noises when she is getting attention. Although Edith does not seem to like other cats, but her interactions with dogs are somewhat promising. With the right calm personality she may be able to be introduced to a canine friend. Edith is in good overall health but she does have some unknown food allergies which means she is on a special diet (which she seems to enjoy).

Age : DOB April 2013
Breed : domestic long hair

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