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Meet Goose 

He is a very sweet well behaved boy. He uses his scratching post regularly and not the furniture! He is very faithfully using his box.  Has never scratched or bitten. He is friendly and hangs around his people but is not cuddly.  Likes to come for a nice firm pet or to be brushed.

He is calm and quiet – not very playful.  Really likes catnip and will wrestle a stuffed toy with catnip.   Also likes to chase a wand for short periods.  

Hes a little on the plump side – loves his kibble and it doesn’t seem to matter what kind.  Not a fan of canned food.  Very good drinker for a cat – appreciates fresh water on a daily basis.

We think he would do well with respectful friends either cat or dog. He is an independent kitty so would do well alone in a home too

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Age : DOB sept 2021
Breed : domestic medium hair
Weight : 15 pounds

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