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Meet Bear! 

She’s quite the playful one, and loves any kind of attention, even if it’s just spending time together in the same room with her person. She absolutely LOVES rolling around on the floor while you give her belly rubs. Be prepared for gentle licks and kicks as a sign of affection, but don't worry, her claws stay sheathed. If you’ve ever wanted a sweet and gentle cat that will let you give unlimited access to her belly, she might be the one for you!

Bear would love a relatively quiet home with another cat friend. She loves the other cats she’s been placed with and has been very respectful when meeting new friends. She’s even hung out with dogs before, and it seems like she’s a fan of their company. Kids, on the other hand, might be a bit much due to all their energy, but with the right family, she might just adjust over time.

New situations make Bear a bit nervous at first, but once she’s comfortable, get ready for loads of affection. She fully settled into her current home in just a couple days, and if you’re looking to have her join an existing feline friend, she will more than likely love them immediately. She is currently placed with Goose and although he’s a tad reluctant, after a proper introduction period he is warming up, much to her delight.

So, how about giving Bear a chance?


Age : DOB November 2021
Breed : DSH female

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