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Update on Felix Oct 2023: Felix amazing foster home noticed he had a funny walk and after multiple vet assessed it we finally got xrays which confirmed he has a broken femur head! He will be getting FHO surgery to repair this injury and give him a much better quality of life!

Keep checking back on updates on his medical journey! 

Whoever said "cats are light on their feet" had not anticipated a cat like Felix. He loves to run and play, but hasn't quite mastered the act of doing so gracefully. You'll hear him coming from across the house, and as such, he will never sneak up on you. That being said, once hes underfoot, he's not moving quickly. He is not afraid of being stepped on, or of being run over by the vacuum. He moves at his own pace, when he wants to! Felix doesn't do anything quietly. Aside from his movement, his purr is loud enough to hear from across the room, and when he grooms himself, it sounds like someone drinking a slurpee 😂.  Felix loves to chase his tail and shadows on the wall (and occasionally things that we aren't really sure are there🤔). He is a quirky little dude who seems to prefer women over men, but doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and simply chooses solitude when he is dissatisfied with the company. But he loves to follow his foster mom around the house - and nestle in for his daily snuggles! Felix is a house cat - through and through. How he survived as a stray...we do not know! 

Felix adores his foster brother, Meeko, and would be lucky to find a home interested in adopting them both. Felix is comfortable around dogs and enjoys snuggling up next to his foster sister, a 70 lb mutt. He would also do well in a home with kids that are respectful or older. 

Apply to meet Felix and his brother today! They would love to find their FURever home

Age : approx 5 years old
Breed : DLH orange male

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