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Meeko is a curious little guy who loves to explore. He is eager to check out new spaces and doesn't hesitate to step out of his comfort zone. He could spend most of his day in the window sill watching the world and dreaming of adventures. While his head is ready to roam, his heart belongs with his people. Meeko craves attention and wants to be close to his humans. He could spend hours curled up next to you, but would be content to just be close to you. 

Meeko enjoys the company of our other foster cat, Felix, and would be lucky to find a home interested in adopting them both. He can be a bit of a dominant kitty, but would likely do well with other cats given a proper introduction. He gets along well with mellow dogs and kids and would prefer a home where he can be the one to initiate affection. It can be a bit overwhelming when others are too excited to see him! 

Meeko was found as a stray so not much is known about his past, but he has excellent house manners and is such a sweetheart.  

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Age : 2 years old
Breed : DLH male black

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