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Let me introduce you to Lizzie, a 7yr old brown/black striped tabby and white spayed female. Lizzie was very shy when she first came to our home. But given time to settle and lots of patience and respect for her age, she slowly came out of her shell to become part of our family. Unfortunately, she does not tolerate the resident dog, but does enjoy playing in his water bowl. In fact, we are sure that without the resident dog, Lizzie would have overcome her insecurities much faster. Therefore it is recommended by the foster parents that Lizzie find a forever home without other pets or young children, someone that will appreciate her need for space to get used to her new surroundings. That way she can really come into her own. When the resident dog is crated either during the day or in the evening, that's when Lizzie really shines. She loves (or demands) being petted and sitting with her people, and at night comes onto the bed and lays on someone's body for a while before finding her spot for the night. Lizzie is a very laid-back kitty, likes playing with her toys in the morning and spends the rest of the day lying on the top spot of her large cat tree. Every morning when we wake up, Lizzie has brought her favourite wand toy "trophy" into our bedroom. Then she will get vocal about her requirements usually wanting her food or need to be petted as she is a very loving cat. Other than that, she is a very quiet lady that just wants a peaceful life. And if that isn't enough, Lizzie comes complete with a large tree house, toys, litter box and scoop, automatic water bowl, programmable kibble feeder and dishes. Phew, this precious girl will turn out to be the most purrfect companion for a lucky household.

Age : DOB april 2016 - 7 y
Breed : brown/grey tabby DSH female

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