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Hey there, I'm Pickles, your soon-to-be favorite pup! 🐾 I might be a tiny dill pickle now, but I'm soaking up all the wonders of the world with my foster fam and my bro Keith by my side. I've strutted my stuff on countless walks and discovered that I'm a pro at making friends with kiddos and even those mysterious creatures called cats!

I'm as chill as a cucumber, always up for a game of fetch or a romp with my furry pals. Plus, I've been acing my potty training— only a few oopsie-daisies indoors, thanks to some expert guidance from my foster fam.
Cuddles? Oh, I'm all in! Belly rubs are my jam, and don't get me started on my toy collection—NASAP has hooked me up big time! And hey, I'm no chew-monster—I stick to my toys, not your furniture or baseboards.
So, who's ready to make memories and snuggle for life? I'm counting down the moments until I meet my paw-some forever fam! 🐶❤️

Age : DOB Feb 10, 2024
Breed : Shepard x

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