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Bisou (now Lily)

Bisou (now Lily) Image

Lily has settled in really well in our home, and even managed to convince our senior cat to be her friend. She still hates the car, and is a vocal little kitty. She’s growing well, and is now 5lbs. She’s very active and gets into a bit of trouble. She loved our Christmas tree, much to my dismay.

Timbit (now Belle)

Timbit (now Belle) Image

Timbit, now named Belle is doing great. She's really come out of her shell and she's become quite the chatter box. She spends most of her day wrestling and cuddling with her adoptive sister Holly. She's starting to let me hold her longer and longer but she is still not a fan of it. 

Chelsey and Belle


Edgar Image

Edgar is doing great with his NASAP siblings Bert and Effie! Bert seems to think Edgar is his personal pillow, Edgar doesn't seem to mind as hes very content to fit in any space available to snuggle.


Panda Image

Panda has settled in great. Him and our other cat Copper get along great and we haven’t had any problems.

Natalie (now Lexi)

Natalie (now Lexi) Image

Lexi has brought so much joy to our lives. She is so playful. She is very cuddly. She will jump on my lap and nuzzle for a while then curl up and go to sleep. She sleeps with me at night. I have so much respect for her already having had a litter. I look at her as a kitten yet but she is a mama and has endured having babies and being alone now with humans. She likes her humans. She is very vocal, especially when it's feeding time. She has us wrapped that's for sure! She was meant to be with us. She is my precious little buddy. 


Proton (now Spirit)

Proton (now Spirit) Image

Hello! Spirit (a.k.a. Proton) is doing awesome!! He is the absolute sweetest little boy. He follows us around like a little puppy. His favorite thing to do is to jump into the bathtub and ask for water drops to be turned on every morning. The kids absolutely adore him and he was such a good boy with our Christmas tree. We expected him to climb it, but he didn’t. At night, he curls up beside us, our other cat and dog on the bed. It is quite cozy...LOL. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect kitten for our family



Joy Image

Joy is doing awesome, living up to her name haha. She’s such a friendly, well adjusted, playful cuddly cat. Recently over the holidays, I brought her with me to my parents house, where there are 2 big dogs and cats and she had no issues interacting and playing with the other animals. 



Bella  Image

Miss Bella is truly a gift. She fits in perfectly with our family. She is an amazing dog. My daughters best friend. I can’t imagine life without her. She has made us so incredibly happy. So thankful that we were chosen to be her forever home.