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Cersei (now Lizzie)

Cersei (now Lizzie)  Image

Cersei (now Lizzie) is doing well in her new home.

Zeus and Noel (now Meela)

Zeus and Noel (now Meela) Image

Zeus has adjusted well. We are working on not scratching the furniture. He is very happy and likes his new companion Meela (formally Noel from NASAP). 

Tracy (now Nellie) and Coco

Tracy (now Nellie) and Coco Image

Tracy (now named Nellie) is doing great!  It took her about 5 minutes to settle in - she is such a friendly and easy-going cat.  She greets me at the door and follows me everywhere.  She always wants to play, and she is very talkative and affectionate.  She is also getting along very well with Coco, who I adopted from NASAP last July.  They like to chase each other around the house and then they will settle down for a nap together.  Thank you so much for rescuing Nellie and Coco and giving them another chance.  They are both such sweet kitties, and I enjoy every moment with them!


Dixie (now Daisy)

Dixie (now Daisy) Image

Here's a picture of Daisy (formerly Dixie).  She was adopted in November 2007 at a Petsmart adoption event as a scruffy very strange looking kitten.  She has survived chronic IBD, lots of hospitalizations, cruciate ligament surgery (!), and a trip camping across Canada to move to Ontario with her guardians and her two sisters Scooter and April.  She is super healthy now (in remission) and loves her home cooked food, camping, walks around the neighbourhood on her leash, sleeping on her specially screened back deck, and especially lots of snuggles and purrs with her humans.  She's the official greeter in our house and loves  to "help" with everything.  We love her so much.


To-Lu (now Cosmo)

To-Lu (now Cosmo) Image

We have renamed him Cosmo and he has adjusted to our home nicely! He gets along with all of our animals and is happy to be here. He has gained weight and is very healthy. We love him.

Bisou (now Lily)

Bisou (now Lily) Image

Lily has settled in really well in our home, and even managed to convince our senior cat to be her friend. She still hates the car, and is a vocal little kitty. She’s growing well, and is now 5lbs. She’s very active and gets into a bit of trouble. She loved our Christmas tree, much to my dismay.

Timbit (now Belle)

Timbit (now Belle) Image

Timbit, now named Belle is doing great. She's really come out of her shell and she's become quite the chatter box. She spends most of her day wrestling and cuddling with her adoptive sister Holly. She's starting to let me hold her longer and longer but she is still not a fan of it. 

Chelsey and Belle


Edgar Image

Edgar is doing great with his NASAP siblings Bert and Effie! Bert seems to think Edgar is his personal pillow, Edgar doesn't seem to mind as hes very content to fit in any space available to snuggle.