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Molly Image

I got Molly almost exactly a year ago FROM NASAP, after she was abandoned by her mother at a week old. When I first saw her she was practically bald FROM stress-related hair-loss so it's a bit of a shock what she grew into! She is the sweetest little cat imaginable.


Buffy Image

Buffy has been adopted to a nice young veterinarian and his wife. She gets to play with her new doggy "sister" Jessie and will be very well loved and spoiled in her new home. Lucky Buffy. NOTE: Buffy was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.

Private Ryan

Private Ryan Image

Private Ryan was adopted tonight just after Flora went to her new home. It's a sad day for his foster mom but a great day for Pte. Ryan as he has gone to live with a very nice young man who will keep him in good company and train him well. Pte. Ryan will have Mikey the rotti to play with who his new "grandparents" adopted FROM Nasap a few years ago. Ryan will have two cats and a snake to hang out with as well. Have fun Private Ryan but watch out for that snake! NOTE: Private Ryan was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.


Ricki Image

In December I adopted Ricki FROM you. We have re-named her Missy - a name she quickly learned. When we first brought her home it was very difficult. We had a hard first few months with her, understandably. We had to retrain her to go potty outside and she was very subdued for a while. But, we got through it all, and she has not had an accident in about 2 months now. We are very proud of her. And she loves to play with her toys, which we buy her endlessly of course. She is most definitely spoiled, and she knows it too. She is definitely the center of our family. I don't know what I would do without her, even when she misbehaves, lol!! I would like to thank the people at NASAP and Missy's foster home for taking good care of her so that we could have the opportunity to have her in our family.


Jay Image

Jay has been adjusting well to his new home, and I think we've finally convinced him that this is his forever home. But for the first couple weeks he'd wrap himself around me at every opportunity, as if he didn't trust me not to leave him. Now he's more independent and talkative (he meows non-stop!). His favourite room of the house is the bathroom, where he likes to lie in the sink (even after I turn the water on!) or just sit beside it, batting the water as it drains. Unfortunately, he's also a fan of drinking FROM the toilet, much to my surprise (I didn't know cats did that!). He's very playful, and will lunge at my legs as I'm walking up the stairs. Fortunately for me, he keeps his claws in! Because he's so energetic and peppy, my partner and I will probably adopt another kitty as well, FROM NASAP, so Jay will have a kitty pal! Thank you NASAP for my little bundle of feline joy.


Gingersnap Image

Cindy and Jesse brought her home Saturday afternoon. After many hours thinking about it we renamed her Rory. She has spent her first days sleeping, eating, playing and cuddling with all her new family members. She has been exploring her new yard and getting to know her new "sisters" (Bella our Shiba Inu, and our three cats, Star Sprite and Sunny). She had her vet CHECK today and all seems to be well, the vet cleaned the cut on her head and it looks like it should heal in time. NOTE: Gingersnap/Rory was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.


Flora Image

Flora has just been adopted to a lovely couple who recently lost their older dog to cancer. They came to see Buffy but saw Flora (who has been renamed Pysia)and it was love at first sight. She will be a very happy, well loved member of their family. Pysia will get to go camping and on all of the other many wonderful trips and holidays her new family partakes in. Best wishes to Pysia and her new family. NOTE: Flora/Pysia was one of the 6 injured puppies NASAP rescued FROM the Alberta SPCA seizure at a property near Buck Lake.


Minervuus Image

I thought that I would just send you another UPDATE on Minervuus. Minervuus seems to have adjusted very well. He doesn't hide very much any more except when he is playing or when he knows that he has done something that he is not supposed to (like claw the bed or my leg - trying to get our attention). We are VERY happy with Minervuus and he is happy with us. Actually he has turned INTO a very playful kitty that enjoys to watch my fish (but is terrified of my algae eater), and can be a BIG suck up at times. FROM Angela.