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Linda (now Nina)

Linda (now Nina) Image

Nina is doing very well.  It did take her a long time but she is definitely right at home with us.  She is always active and playful - sometimes I think she is still more of a kitten than an adult cat.  She is even brave about greeting people coming into the house.  She comes to the door to see who is there and no longer hides.  Given how shy she was, it is a good sign of how comfortable she is now.  

I am attaching a couple of photos taken recently.  One is the first time we found Ariel and Nina sleeping curled up together.  They are facing back to us, but it was a breakthrough moment for the cats.  

We are very glad to have Nina.  Thank you for being her foster Mom and giving her the chance to find us for her family.


Sicily (now Lucy)

Sicily (now Lucy) Image

She is doing great! She is the sweetest cat who never lets my lap get cold. She also keeps me from working too hard by laying on the keyboard of my computer! She also takes inspections of all open drawers and closets very seriously. She is a very quiet, nice, well-behaved cat who likes to look out the window or sleep on my lap or snuggle under a blanket.


Smokey (now Greyson)

Smokey (now Greyson) Image

Greyson continues to do well even at 15 and a half.  He has continued his mission to cuddle with my other cat and is comfortable sleeping in my hand.  He particularly enjoys helping with wrapping paper and bags!  I brought up from the basement an IKEA chair which he has claimed. He also loves to chase pingpong balls.



Hanna Image

Hanna is doing great. She's super vocal and likes to tell me about about her day when I get home from work. Her nickname is "Shadow" because she is always following me around the apartment. She has a few spots around the apartment that are her favourite. Mostly places where she can see everything that's going on. She always wants to be part of the action. She loves belly rubs, pretending to be Yoda and helping out with laundry. 


Chewie (now Chuck)

Chewie (now Chuck) Image

Chuck is the best cat I have ever had. He is actually the best with kids. Here is an updated photo of Chuck.



Daisy Image

Daisy is well in our Athabasca home. She grew up to be a big cat with a loud and ready purr. She has continued to be a bit on the skittish side, but really does want to interact with her people - as long as she feels she has an escape route if she needs one. I think she might even grow into a lap cat if our little dog didn’t insist on being the queen pet. They coexist comfortably, but they do not share baskets or laps under any circumstances. My daughter Andrea loves her cats!

I’ve attached a couple of pictures that include both Daisy and Dutch (the orange one) swarming a plant in our home.


Dots (now Chloe)

Dots (now Chloe) Image

Chloe is a beautiful and loving pet. She likes lots of attention but seems okay on the days I am busy. She follows me to bed each night and lies purring on my chest for a few minutes of petting. That relaxes me so I fall asleep quickly. 

The chin acne has recurred but responded well to regular cleaning with Stanhexidine as indicated in her medical history. She is gentle and does not fight this care or her nail  trimming. 

I am very happy with this lovable pet and my family are happy I have this companion. 



Daisy Image

Daisy became a part of our family in September 2008. She was a very timid puppy who was afraid of the dark, afraid of loud noises and not overly comfortable around male strangers wearing hats. We could only imagine why and it was heartbreaking to see but also delightful watching these fears fade away into her distant past. Today she is fearless and owns her space proudly!
We have thoroughly enjoyed having Daisy in our lives and cannot imagine life without her. She is a wonderful companion.
In January 2016 Daisy was diagnosed with diabetes. It was a scary time for us all. Fortunately with the help of our dedicated vet we were able to balance her very well with medication and diet. Her Dr was most impressed at her annual physical in October. Daisy is approximately 10 years old and behaves like a dog half that age.
People often comment on how fortunate Daisy was to be adopted into our family. We say that we were the fortunate one’s who found her. She is invaluable. We have never known a more precious, intelligent, loyal companion. She owns our hearts ♥ ♥