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Ryder and Oakley

Ryder and Oakley Image

Ryder (left) has been adopted to a nice young couple who just moved INTO their new home. Ryder's grandma has a nice golden retriever to play with and he gets plenty of time to hang out with her. Hope you have fun Ryder. Oakley (right) was adopted to a home with three boys so he will be very busy running and playing games with his new family. We wish you luck Oakley and hope you have lots of great times with those boys.


Scamp Image

Scamp has gone to a super home with two young boys to play with on an acreage. Scamp loves her new family very much as they do her. She is quite happy to look after the new kitten and loves to wait for the kids to come home FROM school on the bus, then she waits for dad to get home FROM work. Once everyone is home she settles happily on her doggy bed and looks on with joy at her new family.


Shaggy Image

Shaggy was adopted by a nice family as a companion for mom when the kids were at school. Shaggy gets to hang out with mom and the ladies that come to her in home nail salon where she supervises the activities there. Shaggy also get trips to the farm to visit the horses. Lucky Shaggy.


Shakira Image

Shakira has gone to a terrific home where she has another border collie to play with and where she will play many fun border collie games. Shakira's new name is Kira and she is so happy with her new family. We think it is a great place for a young border collie pup to grow up.

Sabine (Formerly Jewel)

Sabine (Formerly Jewel) Image

Hi There. Just wanted to let you know how Sabine is doing with us. At the beginning of April we had new neighbours move in next door. They have a 2 year old terrier cross and he and Sabine are fast friends. When they wrestle they literally take turns being on the bottom. The neighbours have been very generous in letting the dogs tear around their yard. She is definitely a frisbee dog, though a ball will do in the absence of a frisbee and her fetching is amazing. If she doesn't bring it close enough, you can just tell her to bring it and she does. On the other hand, she isn't much of a catcher. I'm not sure she'd be a flyball candidate. I was telling Tim just yesterday when we were throwing balls at the off-lead that it would be like elementary school all over again - she'd be the dog no one wanted on their team. Sigh... people keep telling me she'll grow INTO it. They haven't seen the ball bounce on her head on the third bounce. Her spay went well and her right ear has stopped flopping forwards, which makes me a little sad, but now she might be even cuter with one floppy ear and one not. We are enjoying Sabine very much!


BJ Image

BJ is one lucky girl. She has gone to live with a lovely couple and she is their first dog. BJ has completely wiggled her way INTO their hearts and laps and is extremely happy as you can see by her photo. Thanks for keeping in touch BJ.


Banquo Image

Banquo is a very lucky boy! He has recovered FROM his mange and was adopted to a really nice couple who changed his name to Grommit. He gets to live with another dog and many cats on a large acreage. Grommit is well loved and very spoiled so we're sure he'll be very happy in his new home.


Holly Image

Holly is amazing, I couldn't ask for a better dog. We go through the Mill Creek off leash twice a day, so she always meets new dogs. We've been to the Terwillegar and Laurier off leash parks a few times as well. One of the pictures below is of her friend Parker, he lives across the alley, he comes over most days too. We live in a very dog-friendly neighborhood : ) She loves being in the backyard, especially now that it's so nice out. She's pretty protective though, she barks at anyone who walks down the alley. She has gotten to know the neighbors and the neighborhood kids, so she leaves them alone now. But anyone else..... look out. She also has a tendency to growl at people who are walking without dogs when we're in the ravine. So I'm going to take her walking someplace like Whyte Ave so she can see that not all people have dogs. We've had our nephews over a few times, she's just not interested in kids. But she will growl at them when we're out on walks. Something else we are working on. Anyhow, I could write a novel about how great she is, but you already know! Oh, we've taught her to shake a paw, high five and roll over, each trick too about 5 minutes to teach. She is SO smart. The high food motivation will go a long way! She starts obedience school tomorrow (they told us to skip puppy kindergarten) and when she's a year old, we'll do agility for sure. We're going to Vancouver Island at the beginning of May, so she'll experience her first camping trip, hopefully she's a good tent sleeper! So to make a long story short, Holly is awesome and I feel so lucky to be the one to adopt her. Kathy