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Penny Image

Hello this is Penny, YES, I love my new home and I do have the greatest big brother WEIMARANERS ever. They let me jump and run and play with them and when I'm tired I can sleep with them too (on Mommies bed). I get really good food and treats and I'm learning to sit(easy), fetch, heal, come( that's a tough one sometimes). I can help pick up dropped things and usually give them back already. I still jump on people when I get excited but I'm learning to be more polite. Everyone that meets me says I'm becoming a very polite little cocker spaniel ( with a big weimaraner attitude). I went to B.C to meet my Grandma and she loves me all to pieces ( just wait till I complete my training) . She said I have the cutest face and mommy agreed that I melt everyone's heart when I cuddle and look up at you with my big brown eyes. I love to give kisses too. Mommy said I sound like an ewok when I want to cuddle and have my tummy rubbed. It works every time too. Well , I gotta go, my big brothers want me to chase them around the yard and play with them again and then it will be time for a nap. P.S. I did get a summer hair cut and it's great, I dry off FROM swimming much faster.