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Maude, Luna and Clementine

Maude, Luna and Clementine Image

Meowy Christmas 2017! From Maude, Luna and Clementine (and Millie). All are NASAP adoptees wth the exception of Millie the top grey cat…

Andrea & Amelia

Pandora (now Freya)

Pandora (now Freya) Image

Freya (Pandora) is the perfect cat for our family. We were wanting a playmate for Enzo our tuxedo kitten who we adopted a few months before. Our older cats wouldn’t play with him and we knew he’d be happier with a friend. We saw Pandora’s face and bio and had to meet her. She was a few months younger, had a litter already and never really got to be a kitten. 

The first few weeks she was skittish and not sure of her place. Enzo was in love at first sight and followed her everywhere. He wanted to play so desperately but Freya was unsure. He gave her her distance and showed her he was safe to play with. 

They are hilarious to watch now. They don’t stop chasing or wrestling unless it’s to eat or sleep. It’s hard to get a photo of them since they never stop moving. 

Freya is now starting to learn that cuddling and playing with humans is kind of cool too.

Freya is even trying to show Nikki (our 14 year old Tori who was a NASAP rescue) that playing can be fun. Although Nikki has always been a tough nut to crack, and we were worried about losing her to illness as we had to say good bye to 2 of our older cats this year. I think having the two young cats have given Nikki a new lease on life even if she doesn’t want to engage with them, she is seeking out human playtime and cuddles more than ever. 

Thank you for all the work that NASAP volunteers do. 

Koren & Barry

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice Image

Sugar and Spice are doing extremely well!  We absolutely adore them, and love having them as part of our family.  All was well at their first check-up in July, but more recently, Spice developed a lump on her backside, so we took her back to the vet, and it turned out to be a sebaceous cyst.  Thankfully, they were able to drain it, and she is just fine.  Here is a picture of them outside in our cat enclosure!  They love it out there!  (as long as the cats are inside, of course!)


Dallas Image

Things are going great! Dallas and my puppy, Rosie, are best friends! He spends a lot of his time sitting on his cat tree looking out the window, or playing with Rosie. 


Neutron Image

He’s settled into the routines now, going in for neutering next week. He’s an inquisitive, high energy cuddle-bug. I’ve attached some pictures of the little fellow.


Nala (now Creampuff)

Nala (now Creampuff) Image

She is a beautifully mischievous kitty who actually seems to be obsessed with water. The pic is from a few weeks ago. She’s bigger now. Her buddy is our 16 year old Bichon, scooter who tolerates her and she seems to be best buddies with our other 4 year old dog, Cuddles.



Mya Image

Another update on Mya. She's settling into her new home quite well.  She's met and seems ok with most of our neighbors- especially the ones who have cookies in their pockets!  Discovered one day walking in our neighborhood that she REALLY does not like men in motorcycle leathers.  However she sure does like to snuggle with my hubby every afternoon and my son when he comes to visit.   She's really liking snap peas and baby carrots for treats- so good and crunchy!   She sleeps at the foot of my bed every night.  She barks at the radio/tv if she hears a cat meow- quite funny.  We also discovered she loves the snow- running, jumping and rolling around in it like a puppy.  I've attached some photos- worn out after a weekend of playing with my grandpuppy mini pin, greeting Dad and hoping for more treats.   We love her to bits and are so grateful to NASAP.   There is truly a special place in heaven for the volunteers and furbabies!

Donald (now Max)

Donald (now Max) Image

Donald is now Max. He just got fixed and going great. Him and Peanut (my other cat) are best of buddies and have been right out of the gate! He and his friend Peanut are the coolest kitties alive.